Task 1: TPACK

Hi! My name is Mª Luisa and this week I’m the journalist so…


On Monday, the professor explained us how to do this week’s activity and the roles of the task. After that Linda gave us some time to decide the roles of the group and to start our work. Our facilitator, Alejandra, told us how to organize the task the best as possible. She decided how to divide us, she made two groups of three people, and then, we started working.

la foto 3

Tuesday, we had a little incident, I had the flu therefore I couldn’t meet with them to finish the work. Hence, Celia was in charge of my role and she took some photos. Despite the incident, they kept doing the task and they finished it on time.

la foto 2    la foto 1

Wednesday was the day of the presentation where our star, Ester, had to shine and she had to explain what TPACK meant to us. We had some minors mistakes but nothing we can’t change.

la foto 4  IMG_0932


We need to choose two blogs to comment, one from the class and one outside the class. We have found this two:

From class:

URL: http://friskyhedgehogs.blogspot.com.esCaptura de pantalla (4)

Outside class:

URL: http://lilianasartori.blogspot.com.es





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