Task 1: TPACK

Hello, my name is Celia Riera, and this week I’m the analyst that means that I have to do a reflection about this week’s task and also I have to rate my groupmates.

In this weeks activity we have talked about what TPACK is and how TPACK can be useful for us in this degree. To do that we have met after classes to do the activity altogether, which was a little bit complicated due to not all the members of this group are from Murcia but we managed to make it work.

Even though there were complicated moments, there were also good moments, for example when we helped each other if someone of us did not understand the question and so on. We also enjoyed spending time together because even though it is an important activity, we also had fun while doing it.

The reason why TPACK is so important for us and related to this degree is because it is a teaching model, therefore it is especially for this degree because the aim of this degree is teaching children in the best way possible and as understandable as it could be.

Also, if we are going to be teachers in the future we need to know how to apply different technologies efficiently in order to increase the knowledge of the students. Finally if we want get better at our work we need to keep up with the release of new technologies and new teaching methods to improve our work daily.

Sadly, TPACK is not available for every single teacher in every single school in Spain due to not every teacher in Spain have the necessary level of technological knowledge. That is because there are teachers that do not know how to use a computer or even a mobile phone due to when they studied this degree that kind of technologies did not exist. That could change but due to the crisis in Spain since 2007 the money invested in education is every day decreasing. Because of that the courses that teach teachers to use technologies are almost non-existent and also because of that not many schools have enough money to buy computers or any other kind of technology.

If the technological knowledge does not exist, then TPACK is not available because TPACK is the mix of technological knowledge, pedagogical knowledge and content knowledge, therefore is only available the pedagogical content knowledge. TPACK can not exist if that mix does not exist.



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