TASK 2: Map projections

Hello, my name is Mª Luisa and this week I am the facilitator of my group, which implicates being the leader of my group. In this week’s task we needed to know something about the different types of maps and also to find two examples of media distortion.

This week I talked with my classmates about the task and we read the information that Linda gave us. Firstly, we needed to agree with some parts of the task like the examples and what type of map was the best for us.

When we finally had our conclusion, I divided us into groups of two for reading the different types of maps. After completing the table, our stars (Alejandra and María) started to do the part of ours countries and the rest of us had to do the others parts.

I think that dividing ourselves and distributing the work reasonably was the best strategy to do this type of task, because of the different parts of this work. I wanted to create a good work and that my classmates were comfortably with their parts and to do the work as good as possible.

P.S.  The post of the star won’t be uploaded until next week due to some problems with the time of the expositions



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