Task 1: TPACK

Hello, my name is Ester and for this first task of our course I have represented the role of star, which involves presenting the task in front of our classmates.

Before explaining anything else, I think that it is important to point out that the presentations had to be made in a 5 minutes speed dating dynamic, which means that I had to explain our work in five minutes once to every single group of the class so at the end, I had to have explained it eight times (there are eight groups in our class).

For this task, what I had to do was to explain the type of information that we had chosen for making this activity and then decribe what is TPACK, what are its main elements, why is important for the teachers and what is the relationship between this model and our degree, primary education. So as well as working to make the task properly with my teammates, I had to understand very well all the elements of this assignment in order to be able to explain it to my classmates.

The day before the presentation I prepared myself and I rehearsed the speech that I had to do until I thought that I was prepared enough. However, I already knew that the day of the exposition I would have a hard opponent: my nerves.

For me, the pressure of having to be in front of my classmates or even the teacher (she had to listen to my explanation at least once) and having to explain everything properly in just five minutes was quite big. So from my point of view, the most difficult part of my role was being able to present the task ignoring the nerves and the pressure.

Anyway, at the end it went quite well and I was able to make the exposition without getting into a panic. In fact, when I finished the presentation I realized that this role and this task had provided me the opportunity of feeling like a teacher and being able to understand the difficulties that a teacher can have at the time of explaining something to his students, so finally I kind of liked the experience.



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