Task 1: TPACK

Hi, I’m Noemi Pacetti and this week I’m going to be the translator. To explain what is my role, I have to choose the five more important terms in this task and explain them with my own words.

TPACK: The word TPACK is an acronym of Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge. It can be seen as a model for understanding the most effective ways to teach. TPACK is very useful for teaching not only because it helps you to know how to transmit a particular knowledge (subject) but also to integrate ICTS in the learning process of the students. It is formed by three different types of knowledge; the Content knowledge, the Pedagogical knowledge, and the Technological knowledge. We can also find the Technological Pedagogical Knowledge, the Technological Content Knowledge and the Pedagogical Content knowledge that emerge from the combination of the three first ones.

Pedagogical Content knowledge (PCK): This kind of knowledge is the resulting combination of the Pedagogical Knowledge and the Content Knowledge. PCK is the idea of the knowledge of pedagogy that is applicable to teach a specific content. It is the transformation of the subject matter for teaching. This transformation takes part when the teacher interprets the subject, thinks about the variety of ways of teaching it and adapts the right materials to promote the learning of their students and get the competence knowledge in the most effective way.

Technological Pedagogical Knowledge (TPK): It is the knowledge that results from the Technological Knowledge and the Pedagogical knowledge. TPK is an understanding of how teaching can change when we use a particular technology in a particular way. Teachers have to be aware of the importance of this kid of knowledge, knowing the pedagogical affordances of a wide range of technological tools to carry on the right designs and strategies. Technological tools have to be seen as mechanisms that help teachers to develop their pedagogical view of a matter. That technological and at the same time pedagogical tools should be adapt to the level and the peculiarities of the students.

ICTS: This anachronism is referred to the Technologies of Information and Communication (computers, mobile phones, tablets, iPads…). ICTS are all the technologies develop for the management of information. That includes the technologies for store and then get back information, send and receive information, process it… The development of ICTS has change the way we interact with technologies and has in general change completely our whole life. ICTS has been progressively introduced in education and has become essential as a perfect tool to help and complete the teaching performance in order to get the best of each student.

Information map: This method is used to analysed, organize and present information. Through this kind of map, collected data can be structured in visual context. Information maps offers a quick and easy access to information and a simple and comprehensive classification of it. It is a system for identifying, categorizing, interrelating, sequencing or presenting graphically information that can be used for different purposes. In the Education field information maps have become an effective tool in the learning process of the students. There are multiple different designs of information maps: buzan mind maps, spider grams, conceptual maps…



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