Hi everyone, my name is Noemi Pacetti and this week I am playing the role of “Analyst”. In the next lines you can read a reflection in which I analyse the work of my group in this second task.

Here you are…

Reflection Treasure hunt – cartographic projections

This week´s activity was about cartographic projections and the fact that media are not neutral. First, we had to analyse the map projections of Robinson, Mercator and Azimuthal, and consequently know the purpose, the type of distortion, the distorted areas and the problems found in each projection. Then, we had to compare two countries viewed from the different projections. After that, we had to choose an example in which media could distort the vision of our students, and finally, we had to find a treasure hunt that would be useful in the learning process of our future primary school students.

Maybe, the worst part of this activity was that we only had two days left before the deadline to finish the work, so it was a little bit stressful because some of my teammates are not from Murcia and we dedicated two intensive afternoons in doing this work.

On the contrary, I could say that the best part has been to discover our high motivation in doing the activity as well as possible, helping each other, and of course always, learning.

We live the worse moments in doing the task at the beginning because we found some complications while understanding the projections and finding the right countries to analyse. Everything has not been easy, we had to make group decisions and had agreements. The task was composed of several parts so everyone was worry for finishing on time and properly.

On the other hand, good moments have been evident in the entire process of working. We divided the work in pairs but, at the same time, every member of the group collaborated and helped in doing a good work. We all shared opinions and reached conclusions. We discussed, something that is very important when six different people have to work together. We have all supported each other so working in that way has been quite easy, enjoying the process.

We have learnt mainly about map projections, that was an unexplored field to all of us, and we have become aware of the influence of distorted media for students. The concepts learnt are very useful for us as future teachers so they are extremely related to our degree. In the task, we had to choose the best type of projection to use in a classroom, so the decision had to be made thinking in the good of our future primary school students. Teachers have to adjust the contents they teach and in this case, the type of projection depending on the primary level.

From my point of view, we have put a lot of effort and motivation in doing this activity, they are two aspects that we must conserve for the next weeks. We were organised and we took care of preparing and doing everything in a nice way. I am pretty happy with the result, and especially with the example of Treasure hunt that we did ourselves, that was handmade. Despite of some stressed moments that we should avoid in the next tasks I have had a great time working with my mates, there was always a beautiful atmosphere, which I consider it as an essential ingredient for success.

Finally, the contents of this activity are connected to society because we are able to see distortions in a lot of aspects of our current world. In maps, some projections draw bigger countries when they want to show them more important than another. Elements are distorted and media are not neutral at all, behind simple matters, we can see purposes.

To conclude, making an overview, we have learnt interesting and useful things in doing this work, and we must persist in our motivation and effort regarding the next weeks, in a positive way and always learning from our mistakes, improving day by day.
That is all, I hope you have enjoyed reading it.
See you bloggers!



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