Hello, my name is Celia Riera and I am this week´s journalist, that means that I am the one who is in charge of taking pictures and in charge of everything related with the social media.

On Monday morning the professor put a video in class about how maps distortion the reality, with that  she wanted to introduce the class this week´s activity; Treasure Hunt: cartographic projections. After that she explained us very detailed the task and then we started planning the activity. Once that was finished, Luisa, the facilitator of this week, told us our respective roles.

On Monday evening we met in one of the many cabins in La Merced to start working. Luisa divided us in pairs and each pair was in charge of one of the three projections (Robinson, Mercator and Azimuthal). After completing the table with all the information acquired of the three projections, all of us together chose the two countries that we wanted to compare in all the different projections. We first chose Italy and Switzerland but we changed Switzerland for Egypt due to you can appreciate much better the difference in Egypt than in Switzerland. Finally, we chose the Robinson projection as the best of the three projections.


On Tuesday after classes we stayed in one of the cabins of the faculty of philosophy and what we did was searching for an example of media that distortions the reality, we chose an example of a girl in Instagram that modifies her photos. Once that was finished we had to decide what example of treasure hunt we wanted to explain, what we did was an activity to learn the different parts of the human body with some statements, so what the children have to do is link the different statements to their respective picture throughout arrows.


Blog of our classmates:


Captura de pantalla (5)

Blog outside class: https://blogs.esri.com/esri/arcgis/2010/09/16/map-projection-animations/

Captura de pantalla (4)



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