Task 2: Map projections

Hello, we are María and Alejandra and this week we have been the stars.

To begin with, I have to say that we couldn’t do the exposition on the day because there wasn’t time enough as we are eight groups in class and each presentation had to last in eight minutes but it was impossible to make everyone last in time.

As we thought we were going to present our work on Wednesday, we got prepared for that day during two evenings as we were doing the complete assignment.

On Wednesday morning we revised for the last time our presentation, but unfortunately there was not enough time to do it on time so we’d have to do it on Monday after another group which wasn’t able to do it on Wednesday as well.

On Sunday as we had clear what we had to say in our presentation Alejandra and me did a little revision by Skype which was very clarifying and gave us the energy for the next day.

Finally, from our point of view the most complicated part was the beginning of the presentation as we were so nervous that the words did not come into our minds however as the time went by we got more relaxed.



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