What type of information map have we used?

The type of information map that we have chosen is the spidergram because we think is quite visual and it shows quite well the connections between all of the concepts.

1.- What is exactly TPACK?

TPACK is a model or a framework of knowledge applicable to a core field (always is related to teaching) and it determines the best way to include technology, content and pedagogy knowledge.

In other words: according to TPACK, it is necessary to interrelate three fields of knowledge ( technology, pedagogy and content) in order to integrate efficiently an activity in a classroom.

2.- What are the most important elements of TPACK and what is the relationship between them?

There are three basic elements in this model:

-Content knowledge: it is the knowledge that a teacher has to have so that he can teach it to the students.

-Pedagogical knowledge: it refers to the different methodologies that a teacher can use in order to explain something.

They are all related between them:

The relationship between pedagogy and content is called pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) and it refers to the changes that the lessons experiment when the teacher does his interpretation of the contents.

The relationship between technology and content is called technological content knowledge (TCK) and it refers to how technology limit and condition the content, and vice versa.

The relationship between technology and pedagogy is called technological pedagogical knowledge (TPK) and it refers to how teaching and learning can be affected by the technology that the teachers use in order to explain the contents to the students.

3.- How would TPACK be useful for you?

It can be useful at the time of explaining a subject in a lesson because of the variety of the ways to teach something (games, activities…) and besides TPACK is a good way to include ICT in the class so that the students learn in an active way and they have a more complete formation.

4.- Why is this model related to our degree?

TPACK is related to our degree due to the fact that if we want to be a good teacher we don’t only have to have a lot of knowledge about a subject but also to know how to apply different technologies efficiently in the class in order to increase the technological knowledge of students and to know the methodologies that we can use as teachers.


In conclusion we think that this model is very important for all of the future teachers because nowadays the society and the resources are developing in a very high speed so it is important to know how to adapt to the needs and to the characteristics of the society and the model TPACK  help us to know how to attend to that needs in a balanced way, giving importance to the technology, the content and the pedagogy.






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