Task 3: Creative Commons Licence & Visual presentations

Hello there, my name is Celia Riera and I am this week´s facilitator which means that I am the boss of the group and I have to divide and organize the work of every member of my group.

Our topic of this week is Creative Commons Licence, what we had to do was explain what Creative Commons Licence is, then we had to summarize twenty tips for developing an excellent presentation and last but not least we had to choose a topic related to any content on Primary School.

We had a little dilema about what topic to chose because at first we did not know what topic would be interesting and useful to primary school kids but we finally chose the topic about recycling that is mainly focused on the fith and sixth grade of primary education.

After choosing our topic I divided our group members into pairs because I thought it would be more effective in that way, which it was, and after that we put things in common, and we all started working on the presentation.

Finally on Wednesday we did our presentation in class but we will have to repeat it on Monday because the professor said that it was not good enough.

The best group in our opion was Tuttifrutis because their power point was so fun and we think it is an interesanting to explain the diversity to primary school kids.

The “worst” group in our opinion was Fluffy Guardians because even though they explain their topic in a very funny way, people was more focus about what the “bear” was doing than what the girl was explaning.



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