Hi guys!! I´m Noemi Pacetti and this week I´ve been playing the role of journalist in my group. I have to say that I didn´t think I would enjoy it so much!

Now, I will explain our working process to carrying out the task of this week, our third one…

As the last weeks, on Monday morning our teacher Linda explained us what we had to do in the third task she uploaded on Sunday night, and after that, she gave us some time to think about the roles and ideas of the new project called: Telling stories-Free Resources and visual presentations.

We had no problems in distributing the roles because since the beginning, we planned a rule by which each week each member of the group knows what role has to be played.

In the split hour, we started thinking about when we could meet to work and how we were going to organise the things to do. We finally agreed to meet on Tuesday.


So, as we have done in the last tasks, on Tuesday we ate something quickly and we booked a working cubicle in the faculty of Philosophy.

First of all, our facilitator Celia, made clear what we were supposed to do in this task and she distributed the work into three different small subgroups as normally.

At first, we found some minor complications in understanding Creative Commons, and then, we took our time deciding the topic of our presentation, but nothing was difficult to solve.

We spent all afternoon working hard in finding information, putting in common ideas and in doing the work as best as possible. As you can see in these photos:

On Wednesday ,our Stars Alejandra y María Luisa made the group´s presentation:


Click on the following link to watch the video of our exposition:

Although we ended up happy with the work, actually our teacher Linda didn´t, so she gave us some feedback and told us to improve the work and repeat our presentations next Monday.

Recently, all the “Sweet Chilli Peppers” have met to give opinions and new ideas to refresh our work, and of course improve it to get to the top! We will have to wait a little bit more to know if we achieve it.

As a journalist I´ve been in charge of social media too. Here is a comment I´ve left in the blog of our mates the “Tuttifrutis”:



I´ve also commented in another useful webpage that I found about Creative Commons:



That´s all for this week, I hope you enjoyed it.

See you all soon!!



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