Task 3: Creative Commons Licence & Visual presentations

Hello there! It’s Ester, this week’s Sweet Chilli Pepper analyst, so today my purpose is to assess and analyze the work of my group during this week.

This third task was divided in two different parts and in which one we had to make a visual presentation. On one hand, we had to make a presentation about what is and how to use Creative Common Licence and besides that, we had to explain on that presentation different tips for doing a good visual presentation. On the other hand, we had to choose a topic related to something that is taught in Primary School and then make a slideshow about it.

First of all, I have to say that we are not happy at all with the results of the work that we had done this week. Although we have already done other two different task before this one, I have to say that we still have to gain more experience about working together and organising us in a way that allows us taking advantage of our strong points.

Having said that, I’m going to expose what was the most difficult part for us of this task from my point of view, and why.

Unlike with the other tasks, in this one the most challenging part came at the beginning, when we had to decide what Primary lesson we were going to choose, because we had very few ideas, any of them wasn’t very creative, and each person preferred a different one from the others. My humble opinion about this, it’s that we are not used to have so much freedom at the time of choosing and making decisions of this importance. I really think that our problem comes from lots of years having teachers that have told us what we exactly had to do and we just did it as it was supposed to be, without making questions or thinking about other ways to do it. On the other hand, we also had to deal with the problem that supposes having to agree with other six people that think in a different way, and that have different tastes from each other.

On the contrary, the best part of this activity started when we finally made all the decisions because we managed to organise efficiently ourselves so that we didn’t waste more time.

Nevertheless, I think we have to start thinking more as teachers because nowadays almost every job requires being able to work by groups without killing each other. From my point of view, we don’t have to forget that working with other groups always means having discrepancies with the other people but that if we know how to get over them, we can do a much better work rather than if we do it individually, because every single person can contribute with an idea that maybe would have never come to your mind.

Regarding to the projects that we had been developing, I must say that they have opened our eyes in some different aspects.

On one hand, I think that with the activity related to the Creative Commons Licence and the visual presentations we have obtained a lot of useful information which we did not have a clue about it before doing this task. I say that it is useful because nowadays the educational system fosters increasingly the use of technological tools, therefore a teacher should know how to deal with all this kind of resources. With them they can teach to the students in a more dynamic way and also, by using them, they can make children more familiar with the use of technological resources which they are going to have to use in their future.

On the other hand, the “topic activity” has reminded me that having a good presentation it is essential if a person wants to be a good teacher. Nowadays we are tired of hearing children, and also adults, saying that they get bored in the lessons or that all the teachers are a drag. However, society is changing and the education is applying more and more educational models, such as TPACK (as we learnt in the first task) that allow to teach to the students something in different ways, integrating the technologies and also different methodologies; so in my opinion, there is not any raison now for giving a boring speech to the children and being worried about if they are going to get sleepy at the same time.

I hope that you have enjoyed this analysis, we’ll see soon in the next one!



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