Task 3: Creative Commons Licence & Visual presentations

Hi everyone, we are Alejandra and Luisa, and this week we have been the stars.

First of all, we want to tell you that this activity has been a little bit hard for us. A presentention in front of a class make you feel very nervous and sometimes this can play a dirty trick on it.

This week’s presentation should last 4 minutes, we think we did it on time but it is difficult to summarize a topic in only four minutes to explain it. The topic we chose was recycling which we think is something children need to know for a better future.

Regarding to the preparation, we have been preparing our presentation in the last two days in order to do a good presentation and make that our class have a good experience of it.

However, things do not always happen as we want. The feedback that our professor has given to us was worst than we thought but this doesn’t mean something bad, on the contrary, it is a way to make us working better as a group and to improve ourself in the best way we can.

Our professor told us to repeat this presentation to correct our mistakes and do it better, so we will tell you how it will be.

Thanks for reading!



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