Task 3: The most important terms about Creative Commons Licence

Copyright: It is also called author’s right and it makes reference to the intellectual property by which the author of a determinate content conserve the right of being asked for permission and being paid for their work if someone else wants to use it for any certain goal. If a content under copyright is used without the author’s permission, there might be legal actions against them.
Creative common licence: It is a type of licence that makes reference to a range of different elements applied to the content under the licence. Those elements establish some specific restrictions over the content. The elements have to be selected by the author and must be included in the tittle of the content under the licence. Some of those elements are Attribution(BY), non-commercial(NC), Non derivative works (ND), Share Alike (SA), each of them establish a specific restriction.
Public domain: It makes reference to a range of contents free of restrictions, being not necessary asking for permission. That’s why this content can be used, modified or copied without asking for permission. Although public domain work is free of some use rights there could be some other rights such as publicity or moral rights.
Attribution: It is the basic element of creative common licence where the author of the content has to be credit, the tittle of the content must be provided as well as the URL where the content can be found and the type of licence under which the content is should be established.
Slide Share: It is a Web 2.0 based slide hosting service where slides in different formats such as PDF or OpenDocument can be uploaded and seen. This tool provides users the possibility to rate, comment on, and share the uploaded content. It was actually only for business at the beginning, whereas nowadays it can be used for any purpose. It is especially useful for educational goals.



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