Task 3: Stars reviewed

Hi dear bloggers, we are Luisa and Alejandra and we are the stars of our group this week.

Firstly, I want you to know that this presentation is about recycling, the same topic that last week. This time we had four days to improve our presentation and solve some mistakes we had in the other presentation.

This week we need to present our task in 4 minutes, we believe that we had enough time. We want to find a fun way to teach children about recycling, give them some advice and knowledge related to the environment.

We met on Saturday to practice our oral presentation with the new power point and improve our behaviour in front of our class and how to interact with them.

Finally, on Monday it was our moment to shine for the second time. This time our teacher didn’t tell us what was wrong in our presentation, but we had a little reflection about our presentation and what we thought about the other presentation.



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