Task 3 reviewed

Hi everyone!

It’s Ester, this week Sweet Chilli Pepper’s journalist.

This time I am not going to explain any new task and the reason why this is happening is quite simple:  last Wednesday, in our usual D-day (the oral presentation), the teacher told to the whole group that we hadn’t done our job properly and that the results of it were quite disastrous. So basically, she wanted us to improve our projects and to present them again in our Monday session, giving us in that way one more opportunity to do the things correctly.

The first thing that we did was to analyze everything that we thought we had done badly, which was basically our visual presentation of the primary topic       (“Be environmentally friendly”) and that the explanation was not very dynamic and entertaining. Then, by WhatsApp, we did a brain storming in order to find some improvements for the presentation and finally, we agreed to meet on Saturday to make the changes.

On that day, we changed all of the photos that we put on our first visual presentation since we thought that there were too many of them and some were meaningless and also, we put on them all of the references of the licences which we forgot to do at the first time. Then, some of us wrote key words and phrases in the presentation but always taking care of the text spread.

Afterwards, we went to a store to buy all the materials that we needed to create a game which we invented to make our presentation more fun. To do so, we had to paint four boxes in order to pretend that they were real dumpsters and also we printed some images of different materials so the students had to decide in which dumpster they had to put them in.

Finally, on Monday our stars Alejandra and Luisa did the presentation again and this time, it went much better, not only because we changed our work but also because they followed some tips that the teacher gave us before so they interacted more with the class and at the end, all the effort we put on this task was worth it.



Here you can see our stars explaining our topic for a second time:

First part:


Second part:


And here I leave you two different comments that I made, one in the blog of the Fluffy Guardians and another one in a blog that I found when I was seaching information about how to make a good visual presentation.


Captura de pantalla (64)

Captura de pantalla (67)






Un comentario en “Task 3 reviewed

  1. Jefferson dijo:

    Hi girls! I am VIctoria, the journalist of The Fluffy Guardians this week.
    I think your last presentation about enviroment was great! In your Power Point the pictures had CC License and it was well-designed. I liked a lot your play about choosing the properly container, but maybe you could do something to catch children attention in the rest of the presentation. In general it is superb!
    Have a nice weekend girls!

    Me gusta


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