Task 3: reviewed

Hi guys, I´m Noemi Pacetti and this week I´ve played the role of facilitator in the group so, I had to organise the work and I was the person in charge of control how was going the task.

Last week after finishing the presentations, our teacher Linda gave us some feedback and told the whole class to repeat our expositions the next day, what was on Monday. That´s the reason why this week we aren´t focus in a new task.

After taking the advice of our teacher, we put in common the things we thought we had to change and I suggested to meet on Saturday to review our work and improve it.

On Monday, we did the second round of expositions and the teacher said to us that the work had become better so, an improvement could be seen in it.

Regarding to analyse the aspects that were improved concerning the rest of the groups , I have to say that we did our presentation in the split hour so, I was been able to see only two more groups exposing their work.

In a general view we all improved our work, we tried to be more interactive and to direct our speaking to our audience. Our group, for example, made a game where students were supposed to recycle in boxes of different colours, we made changes in our PowerPoint presentation and we put only indispensable pictures in it.

There were things I really liked from the other two groups. “The loonatics” explained the process of the photosynthesis in a very original way, comparing it with the process of eating of a child.

What I liked the most was the group “The fluffy guardians” because their first PowerPoint presentation I think they put too much text and they changed it. They also improved their performance including sounds in their creative play so, in my opinion it was a great point to get the audience more in the atmosphere.

That´s all, see you soon!!






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