Task 4: The dark side of textbooks

Hi, guys!

I’m María Martínez and this week I have been the journalist of the group.

To begin with, this week’s task was called “The dark side of textbooks; Linda explained us on Monday the work we had to carry out for next Wednesday and we were told that the format of the presentation would be a surprise and actually it was.

As soon as we knew what we had to do we started working on it. We began to work n class where Ester, as our facilitator, told us what we had to do.  Each text Linda sent to us to get informed was distributed and then, we put in common what we had read.


On Tuesday, we decided what artefact we would use in order to present our work. We decided to choose a comic in order to explain “the dark side of textbooks”.

In order to do the comic, first of all, we made a drawing and tried to distribute in a propper way each idea in a picture and then, we decided the electronic tool in order to do a good visual artefact that would help our star Celia to explain the task.IMG_20160315_183655IMG_20160316_112408


On Wednesday, Linda told us the format we would use to work the task in class. Stars were distributed along the class and each one was assigned a number, each member of the group chose a number and went with the star that had the same number,in that way new groups were formed. Once groups were formed the star, who would be the boss of the new group, explained her work about “The dark side of textbooks” and then we had to make a question about the topic which could be used in an oral exam, and finally the star had to present it in front of the class.


Those were the questions each group did:

Captura de pantalla (153)Captura de pantalla (152)

Finally, changing the groups was an oportunity to see how it would be to work with different partners and different ideas for the same task, searching for a good question helped us to develop one important fact in the teaching process which is to select good questions for a specific type of exam, in this case an oral exam.

These are the comments I’ve left in two blogs

The Chalkies:


Captura de pantalla (154)

Fracasoacademico.wordpress.com:Captura de pantalla (155)


Hope you enjoy it.



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