Task 4: Reflection for this week

Hi everyone! I’m Alejandra and this week I have been the analyst. First of all I’d like to say that this task have been quite interesting for me and I hope that for you too.

As you already know the analyst is in charge of telling you how our work have done this week and in which aspect we have improved or not.

To begin with, I reckon that as time goes by, we have improved a lot as a group, I mean, at the beginning, we worked well together but now, we are improving ourselves in a great way. This task has made things easier too, ‘the dark side of textbooks’ is a good issue to talk to and for us, as future teachers, is important to consider the good and the bad part of all our resources, even textbooks.

In our task what we have to do is to figure out the drawbacks of textbooks and create something to spread it. We decided to make a comic in order to show these disadvantages in a funny way.

Probably most of you think textbooks are an essencial tool in classroom and in every learning way, however, that’s not true. I agree that textbooks have been very important some time ago, but nowadays we can enjoy all this technological resources to improve education, not only here, in Spain, but in the whole world.

Everything in life has its flaws, nevertheless, some flaws are worst than others. It is true that books are too heavy for children, but from my point of view, I can’t stand that a textbook was so pricey. Education is not a privilege, is a right. Nowadays, there are a lot of parents who can’t pay all those textbook for the children, they have to borrow them but, suddenly, editorials change the books, forcing families to buy them.

To sum up, I think we can use different types of resources to improve the knowledge that teachers give to their pupils, and I think, as a future teache, that it is very important. ICT’s are quite good, not only for saving money, which do not hurt either, but there is a lot of information in the Net and a lot of ways of learning that children could use and, in that way, they would improve their future and eventually, the society.



Un comentario en “Task 4: Reflection for this week

  1. tuttifrutieducation dijo:

    Hello girls, I am Marta Castaño from Tuttifruties group. I just want to congratulate you because you have improved a lot and in your works your effort is reflected, so keep going in this way! Specially I want to say that the analyst of this week has done a good reflection of what have you done this week. We can see that the ideas are clear but if I have to say a bad thing, may be I would say that you have to reflect in a better way a critic reflection, but don´t worry because I know that you will achieve it. Well done girls, you did a good work this week!! See you soon 🙂

    Me gusta


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