Task 4: The Dark side of Textbooks

Hello there, my name is Celia and I am the star of this week´s activity! In this post I will explain what we did to explain the dark side of textbooks and also what I had to do on the day of the presentation.

The activity of this week consisted of making a comic, an info-graphic or a Twitter timeline explaining the dark side of textbooks. In our case we chose a comic (that you can see in the artefacts of task 4) explaining the main six drawbacks that textbooks have. Once we finished our comic I had to study it a bit at home due to I had the presentation the next day and I wanted to give a really good explanation of our work to our classmates.

The day of the presentation the profesor told all the students except the stars of each group to choose a number between one and eight, depending the number they had chosen they were in one group or in another. I was the group number eight and all the people who chose the number eight had to come with me. Once all the groups were formed I explained to my group our comic and they had to tell me what they would have changed about it. They told that they would not change anything about the comic because it included all the important aspects of the dark side of textbooks, so that is great because they thought that we did well our work!. Finally we had to make up a question that in our opinion would be appropriate to ask in the oral exam about the dark side of textbooks. Our question was: “Why do you think this topic is important for your learning as future teacher? ”

In my opinion, although it is a little bit stressful being the star due to you represent all your group members and the work we have done, I have loved being the star of this week´s activity because I think this topic is very interesting and important to know for you as  future teacher, and also the comic was so much fun to do!

If you want to know how my other colleagues did their work, you can click in the different roles above you and go check them out!!

See you soon!!



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