Task 4: The dark side of textbooks

Hi there! It’s Ester, the facilitator of Sweet chilli pepper during this week.

This time the topic we worked on was quite interesting for us (we had to explore every negative side of textbooks), as future teachers that we are, and for this reason, I did not have to motivate very much my group to do the task.

The first thing that I decided to do was to distribute all the readings that our teacher recommended to the class in order to familiarize ourselves with the topic. I thought that a good strategy to follow could be to give to each person of my group a reading and afterwards, they could explain to the whole group what the document was about.

Once we did that, I wanted to do a brainstorm in order to find the main ideas that we had to explain and that is the next thing that we did. After that, I told them that we had to choose the format in which we were going to make our artefact, and after a little discussion, we agreed to go for the comic (which you can see in our section of artefacts).

From that point on, everything was easier since the main decisions were already made and we just had to search for a web tool that allowed us to create a comic and make some nice vignettes.

I have to say that I’ve enjoyed this role in view of the fact that I don’t really find difficult to make decisions and to be a leader as long as I feel comfortable with my workmates, which actually is the case. Furthermore, I think that working on something that you find gripping is always going to be easier that doing it with something that get you bored.














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