Hi my name is MLuisa and this week my role was to be the star.

Well this week we needed to do a video wirh all the class about the connections in the school, so I don’t have a principal role this week but I was an extra in one of the news. It was very funny and we had a really good time together.



Hi everyone. I’m Alejandra and this week I have been the analyst.

As you already know if you have read the other post, we have record the program about all the stories we made up two weeks ago.

As the analyst I’m in charge of make a reflection about all our work. It is important to consider that this taks has been done in order to understand the complexity of any organization, each step we need to follow to develop the show in the best way we can.

Personally, I think this task has been a great experience, working with my classmates and having fun. I really reckon that with this activity all my class have understood how complex could be working in a school.

It is essential that everyone who sees the video in the artefacts (next monday) understands that this is only a part, a very small part of all the work behind. This activity is also important for us due to, unlike previous ones in which we cooperate, we colaborate. The differences is that there is no role settled, they have been created during the task and even those who does not appear in the video are an essential part of the task.

I believe this way of working has made us grow us better people and understand how hard are organization and collaboration in any kind of context (specially school) and this could be very useful for us in our future and society.



Hello guys! I´m Noemí Pacetti and this week I´ve played the role of journalist in the group.

On Monday, our teacher Linda told us what this week´s activity was going to be about. We had to do another video based on the news we had previously collected, but now in a more informal way, I mean like it is presented in TV shows. After that, we worked in small groups and we decided the roles of the actors, the materials that were needed and the place we were going to record the scene.

On Wednesday all of us had to record the videos.


I was in a separate group from my usual mates so, here below I left you some photos of my group, and their group too.




I really enjoyed that day, it was a lot of fun! I can´t wait you to see the result!

See you soon!


Task 8

Hi there! I am Celia and I am the curator of this week´s activity. We do not have new resources to upload due to it is the same activity as the previous weeks,therefore I will explain what I have done this week. I was part of the program There is one thing that I want to tell you and I was one of the students that gave the surprise to the teacher. I have had so much fun doing this activity and I would do it all over again!

See you next week!

Task 8

Hi there! It’s Ester, this week Sweet Chilli Pepper’s facilitator.

This week we have been working in a completely new TV show in which I was one of the chiefs, more specifically, a theatre director. The aim of making this video was to represent five different types of relationships that we can observe at schools.

First of all, all the chiefs agreed to meet up so we could discuss the whole planning of the show. I think that this was one of the hardest parts of the activity since we had so many things to do and so little time for it. Anyway, we managed to divide all the work by little groups with the purpose of having a group of people per story for making the script, deciding the wardrobe and the scenery (we had five fictitious stories to represent the five types of relationships) so everything could be finished in time.

We had two classes for organizing everything and just one for recording the show, which we decided to make by doing a mixture of different programmes (real ones) with a comical side. So as you can imagine we had some stressful hours during this week but I think that at the end, everyone had a lot of fun and , the most important thing, learnt a bit more about the relationships at schools.

Task 8

Hi guys! I’m María and this week I have the translator’s role.

As this week we have had to record the yellow press programme, there aren’t terms to define so I am going to explain my role in the task.

I was part of a story related to the teacher-student’s relationship.We pretended to take part on the programme “there is something I have to tell you”. I acted as a reporter who was looking for the principal host of the programme who was Jose who acted as a beloved teacher whose students wanted him to came back to school.

By making this task we have been able to experiment in deeph the different relationships inside schools and how they affect to the people involved.




Hi guys! I´m Noemí Pacetti and this week I´ve played the role of analyst in this wonderful group, here you are my reflection about this week´s activity.

First, I have to say that I don´t really fancy being the analyst because I think that it is very complex role and also I have to grade the other members of the group but, anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

It could be said that this week´s activity is based on the previous one. Last week, we explored about the complexity theory regarding schools and we had to search some good current news in relation to that. After that, our teacher Linda told us on what we would work this week. The aim of the activity was doing a 20 minutes maximum TV show video choosing some of the news we had collected. For that, the whole class was divided into two big groups: writers or editors and actors. Also, our teacher said to us that apart from that, each individual group had to do kind of a newspaper with the news we had choose previously.

The big group of the editors, where I include myself, had three days to organise the work to do. We made smalls groups so, we could work better and in each group there was a main editor that explained us the news on what we had to work. Last Wednesday we recorded it and soon we will show it to you.

The best part of the activity, in my opinion, it was to work along with my classmates because it was a new working methodology, I got to know better my mates and I really enjoyed it.

On the contrary, the worse part, maybe, it was the beginning, when we had to organise the work but nothing we couldn´t solve.

Without a doubt the best moment of this activity was when we had to record the news. It was too funny to see the actors playing their role and honestly, we have some excellent bloopers. There wasn´t any bad moment, all of us enjoyed it.

Moreover, this activity at first seems too simple but there it isn´t, we have learnt a lot of things in doing it. It is necessary to have a deep look at what we made: we took decisions putting in common our ideas, we worked with enthusiasm and in a cooperative way, everyone did our best. I consider this factors very important not only as students to success in this subject but, for applying them in our entire life so, definitely we should conserve them.

I think that, the content of the activity it is very related to our future job as teachers due to we should be aware of the complexity of a school and we will have to use ICT´s usually too in our teaching performance.

To sum up, I´d like to say that I have really enjoyed to do this activity because it has been a different one, we had to work all together and we got it! Because of the class was divided into smalls groups I couldn´t analysed the work of my usual teammates but I´m sure the think the same as me and I know they worked nicely. Personally, I want to thank the group of main editors that have edited the video and have put a lot of effort on it. I can´t wait you to see it, you´re going to freak out!



Hi guys! I’m Alejandra, and like previos week, I’m the facilitator again. As I told you last week, we had to do a program about news, all them related to complexity theory in schools.

The main idea of this task is that we, as students, could understand how complex is the organization of any kind of situation, in this particular case, making a program in which 8 people, including me were the chiefs and we have to organized the rest of our class in order to do a good program explaining all the news we previously found.

At the beggining the organization was quite difficult because it is very hard to coordinate all members in our class, however I think, finally we did a good organization and all of us work together to get a goal, like if we are in a school.

On Monday, we are going to present the video in our class and the teacher would give us some feedback about our work. We will tell you how was it next week !!


Hi there! It’s Ester, this week’s Sweet Chilli Pepper’s translator. Here you can read the new concepts that we have learnt during this week:

-Film editing: is a practice that comes after the filmmaking that mainly consists on removing, modifying and assembling the shots of a film; so the film editors usually start working with the raw footage and this process involves using digital technology.

However, we could say that film editing is also an art because it does not only consists on putting toguether the parts of the film, cutting pieces and editing dialogue scenes but also consists on working with the layers of images, pictures, music etc.

-Chroma set: is a technique that can be used in films, videos and still photographys that consists on replacing a portion of an image with a new one. It is usually used to replace a coloured background with a different setting.

-Script: is the the written part of the film where every dialogue and action of the actors of the film is described. The scripts or screenplays can be original works or can be adaptations made from other previous written pieces.

Stage management:is a practice that consists on coordinating, leading and organazing a theatrical production. The person who has this responsability is called stage manager and  is in charge of doing a lot of different tasks, such as controlling the production and coordinating the communication between different people (for example, between the actors and the production management)

-Prompter: is the person who is in charge of cueing actors when they forget their dialogues or when they are not in the right place in the stage. Nowadays, the stage manager has a copy of the script that is called the prompt book, and they are responsible for some of the earlier duties of the promters.