Task 5: summarizing the course


Hey there! I’m María and I have been the facilitator this week.

After holidays Linda told us the new task for the week that consisted on making a two minutes video summarizing what we have learned since the course has started.

To beging with, during the explanation of the task we were presented three ways of making the video, one was with two presentation softwares called Powtoon an Moovly and there was another option using a methodology called Stopmotion. The video should be punctuated by our partners, which would be the 20% of the mark, the teacher, that would be a 30%, external peaople, that would be a 40% and lastly the amount of likes in youtube would be the 10%.

After looking for the pros and cons of each method, we decided that using Powtoon could be the best way of creating a good video.

First of all, we reorganized every task done and we highligted the most important points of each one.

Secondly, once we had everything clrear, we wrote down a draft with the different parts the video should have. Once the order and the content was organized we started doing the video. Celia was chosen as the voice of the video.

On Wednesday morning, we were going to upload the video to Youtube but some problems appeared so our video couldn’t be seen as well as it should.

During the lesson we saw every group’s video and at the end of the class we had to give a punctuation as in Eurovision.

Finally , we solved the problems we had and uploaded the video to youtube in order ti get as much likes as we could.



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