Hi guys!! I’m Alejandra and this week I have been the journalist of my group.

Firstly, on Monday, our teacher, Linda, explained to us what we have to do this week. The task is about summarizing all we have learned in this course and make a presentation with it using Moovly, Powtoon or Slow Motion. In the practical hour, we decided how we were going to do the video and which program we would use, finally, we chose Powtoon. Besides, we did a script of the task.

On Tuesday, we met at the university and we started doing the video. At the beginning was quite hard due to we didn’t know how to use the program, but lately, it was easy for us.


On Wednesday, we met before class to upload the video to Youtube, but, suddenly, we had a little problem with the licenses of the program, and we couldn’t upload it. Fortunatly, our teacher gave us the chance to show the video using the program and gave us time to send her the video already upload. We had a terrible time in that moment.

Finally, Noemi, the star of this week, present the video in the class and after showing all the videos we did a kind of contest similar to ‘Eurovision’. Unluckyly, our group was the second-to-last, but that’s not mean we are going to give up, on the contrary, we are more motivated to improve ourselves.



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