task 5: summarizing the course

Hi! I am Mª Luisa and this week I have been the analyst. Being analyst for me is quite hard because you have to grade your colleagues which are an uncomfortable job because of the big responsibility, but someone has to do it, this week it was me unfortunately. But if we realize, all of us are going to be analysts when we become teachers because we will be grading our students so it is an important task that we have to do.
Now I am going to explain how we have felt and how we have worked this week.
The best part has been creating the video. It has been great because we came out with very good ideas to represent what we had learnt during these weeks. It was a difficult job because we had learnt so much in little time so we did not exactly know what to do to represent everything but we finally did it and we did a great job!

The worst part of the activity was discovering the programme, because at the beginning we did not know very well how it worked so we took some precious time to learn how to use it but once we got it everything was good.

I think the best moment of the week was when all of us met in philosophy and we tried to work together and how we understand each other

The worst moment of this week has been the time. We had lots of things to do but we managed to have enough time to do everything even though we were very tired and exhausted while doing it. And we felt stress and overwhelmed.

We have learnt how to create a story of what we have learnt which I think is very important because  after working on this video we are going to remember better what we have learnt. Making up stories is very good for remembering things. We have also learnt how to use powtoon and we will be using it in the future because it is an original way of representing things such as mini stories like this one.

We need to conserve the way we are organising our tasks and roles and the that we work together  because even though we get very stressed we usually end up with a good job, with a positive work.

I think we have to learn how to focus on the task better, because sometimes we are tired and we do not pay attention to what we have to do.

Well, I think it is the first time we have done something like this during the course, we have not used powtoon  in any other subject but I think we can more or less relate it to English, because we had to create a fairy tale with an important moral message so this could be related with the story we have made with powtoon, specially the part of the dark side of books, because there is an important message in it.

I don´t think that this task has a relation with politics or something like that. Powtoon is just an animation programme, but the content we introduced in it could be related, for example in education politicians are constantly changing the laws and making it more difficult for students. Selling books has also become a big industry.



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