Task 5: Summarizing the subject until now

Hello there! My name is Celia and in this week´s task I have been the translator. Hope this terms are useful for you guys!

Moovly: It is an online site 2.0 in which you can create a lot of videos and animations. It is so simple to use and allows you to be very creative because there are countless of images and effects that you can add to your animated video. You can upload the animated video that you have done throughout Youtube or Facebook. It is important to bear in mind that with this tool you can decide whether you want a free service or a non-free one. This tool is very interesting and funny for students because it helps them to develop their creativity.

Youtube: It is a web site in which you can upload videos in a free way and share them with a lot of people. It is so simple to upload a video and also very simple the way it works. You can search other´s people videos and liking them by giving them a “thumbs up” or disliking them by giving them a “thumbs down”.It is very useful to every field due to there are millions of videos about so many different topics.

Thumbs up: It is a term that is used in Youtbe to indicate that you have liked the video, in this case we need as much likes or “thumbs up” as we can get due to if the video that you have upload to youtube has many likes that helps you increase your final grade of the work.

Powtoon: It is a program mainly for designing presentations that allows you to present different topics for your classes and also to present your work. Powtoon is similar to Power Point because it is composed by slideshow in which you can add text and messages, allowing the animation of all those elements and making it look like a comic. It also includes music and the possibility to add your own voice-over. Once your work is over you can upload it throughout Youtube or save it. Also, it is important to say that this tool offers you a free service or a non-free service.

Voice-over: It is a technique that is used to add the video a sound for the background that is made by a person´s voice, this kind of technique is used for many different applications for example, documentary, films, or like in this case for doing a presentation. This technique is so useful due to it allows you to show slideshare and at the same time explaining them.



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