TASK 6: Complexity theory

Hi guys! I’m Alejandra and this week I have been the facilitator, and how you already know, I am the boss of the group.

This task was about the complexity theory in schools and how all the parts are related between them. The first thing I did like facilitator was divided the chapters we need to read. The first chapter was read by Noemi, Celia and me and the second one was read by Ester, María and Luisa. After reading the chapters we made a kind of discussion, explaining what we had understood about the task and the theory.

The goal was we needed to look for 6 different news about situations which reflect the main information of the chapter 1 and also, create 5 stories according to the different parts of the chapter 2. I divided us in groups again in order to make the task easily and efficiently.

At the beginning, we though the task was quite easy and it did not take so long. However, we lasted more than we expected, even the task was simple, there were some problem but finally we got to solve!




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