Task 6: Relationships in a Complex Context

Hi there!

We are Alejandra and Ester, this week’s Sweet Chilli Pepper’s stars.

This time we have to say that we were a bit scared about our “D day” because the only thing that we knew as stars when the presentation day arrived was that the star 1 (Alejandra) was in charge of the real news that our group found  and the star 2 (Ester) was  responsible for the fictitious stories that we invented. Besides that, we knew that each star would have to perform a role: the star 1 would be an editor of a newspaper and the second one would be a theatre director.

When we came into the class our teacher Linda asked all the stars for standing up and then classified us into two groups: the editors and the directors. From then, she explained us that we were going to start doing an special project, not only for this week but also for the next two ones.

Basically, the task consists  on making two different types of TV shows (one is something similar to a news programme and the other one will be less serious). A part of the class is going to work on the news programme under the leadership of the stars that have the role of editors and the other part will work on the other programme under the leadership of the theatre directors; anyway, both parts will also help between each other to make possible the project. Moreover, we have already started working on the task, making the planning of the parts of the project.

Finally, as stars that we have been this week, we have to say that we didn’t expect how this task have been developing at all. On one hand, we think that it is going to be a bit complicated to be in charge of so many things, because what we have experienced so far, is that making a project like this one requires a lot of effort and coordination, not only between us, the chiefs, but also between chiefs and “subordinates”. But on the other hand, we believe that this is an activity where as well as learning a lot of things, we are going to have a lot of fun!



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