Task 6:Relationships in a Complex Context. Analyst

Hello guys! I am Celia and I am the analyst of this week. In this post my job is to do a reflection about our work and also I have to grade my classmates about the implication in the work and about their own work. Let´s start!

The work of this week was to explore what complexity means and how this affects the relationships at school, for doing that the teacher facilitated us two chapters from a book called “Teaching and learning in the digital age”. In the first chapter we had to find an example related to this topic in the news and then we had to explain the relationship between them and in the other chapter of the book we had to make up five types of relationships at schools.

On Monday as usually we decided the roles of this week and we read the two chapters altogether, but it is on Tuesday when we did the hard work, we met after classes and we started working on the task by groups of three people to be more effective but always helping each other.

Finally Wednesday came and the two stars of our group that were Alejandra (editor of a news paper) and Ester (theatre director) had to present our work or at least that´s what we thought but instead of that the teacher explained us that it would be a modification of the task that the next analyst will explain in her post.

Due to this task we have add more information to our knowledge about education, that is because we have had to look for information in Internet and we have read a lot of news about education. For example, we now know that private schools students obtain better results at taking test than public schools that could be because private schools have better resources and tools than public schools.That is due to Spain it is going through a crisis and sometimes it does not have enough money to provide that kind of things.

Another important aspect that we have learned it is the important role that the teacher does, in schools a lot of relationships can occur and the student-teacher relationship is one of them. The connection between the teacher and the student is a significant component in the teaching and learning process that is why Spain needs trained teachers and passionate for their work due to the education of the children depends on them. That is why Spain needs to motivate teachers to be the best version of themselves.

I want to conclude this post by saying that we need to be ready as future teachers for whatever is coming and we need to try to be as good as possible in our work due to a lot of responsibility lies on us and maybe with all this we can make schools less complex.



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