task 6: complexity theory

Hi sweeties! I’m Maria Luisa and this week I’m the journalist of sweet chilli pepper.

The task of this week has been a bit more complicated because we had to search news that was related to the complexity in schools and telling examples of the types of relationships  that are established in schools  (teacher-student connections with peers, etc.) .

Our facilitator of the week, Alejandra, thought that as they were two topics separately,  it would be the best to  divide us  into groups of three and each had to work on it.

On Tuesday we were eating in college and got down to work, each group was working on his part of the task. In the group in which I was, had some problems respects to the examples, as we could not think of how to approach them, as we had some discussion about what would be the best way to do it, but nothing we could not fix.



And it came Wednesday, the day when our stars had to shine  but Linda had a surprise for us …. WOULD NOT HAVE TO DO IT! Instead of that she separated the whole class into two groups, writers and actors, and the leaders have to be  the stars. The team of writers will have to submit a video by a news program  while the actors have to make one of the yellow press.


If you want to know what happens next week, do not stop reading!



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