Hello everyone! I´m Noemí Pacetti and this week I´ve played the role of translator of the group, so in the following lines I will explain you the five most important terms that we have learned after doing this task. Here you are!

Complexity theory: This theory examine complex system, such as education, develop over time. The complexity theory help us to understand how learning and teaching are consider in the current digital era regarding the schooling context. Educational systems are composed of a huge number of complex elements. They have structures interrelated. They are organised in levels, and each part of each level is connected too so, we can compare it with a tree in a way, each part has a concrete function and all of them are interconnected to carry on a project, which in this case is the functioning of an educational system. All about this process should be understand within the particular context of a particular school.

Emerging knowledge: The concept of emerging knowledge is referred to the knowledge that emerges through the connections of the different parts of the educational system. Through connections the ideas are discussed and evaluated. Emerging knowledge is influenced by the parts, participants and processes within the context. New knowledge is being created constantly across the multiple interrelations among the elements of the educational system. This new knowledge is beneficial and affects other levels so, normally the new ideas lead to changes.

Diversity: This term is referred to variety and difference. Concerning to an educational system, this concepts means that the complex organisation evaluate the knowledge that has emerge and then it is generated from then the diversity of practices, ideas and systems. For example, if we introduce some digital technology in a school, such as a tablet, each school will have a different response to this matter. That occurs because each educational system is influenced by particular factors so the changes generated should be understood in that concrete context. At the same time that diversity happens, other things become redundant, such as the paper to write.

Deterministic order: The place between a deterministic order and randomness it is called “edge of chaos”. All the resulting changes of the complexity context are between this two aspects. School are influenced by a lot of factors. There is a pressure of a deterministic order that want to continue with the same, with the traditional situation, and against it, there is another pressure to innovate. When this second pressure is heavier, new knowledge can emerge.

Connections: Connections and relationships play an essential role when we talk about the school system. The processes of teaching and learning in the digital era might be supported by the connectivist learning theory that states that knowledge is created through connections and learning occurs where the learners belong. Connections exist for the purpose of learning. There are a lot of different and possible connections: with the students, with peers, with the classroom and in general with everything that can lead to learning

That´s all guys, I hope you find them useful!






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