Task 7: Making a TV show about complexity

Hello everyone! I am Celia and I am the journalist of this week which means that I am the one in charge of telling you the dynamic of the weekly work. Hope you find interesting what we have done this week!!

This week´s activity is about creating a TV show about current education news for that we had to record a video the whole class and we had to choose six news among all the groups. The people in charge of this activity were the stars of last week and the rest of the class were divided in two groups: editors and actors.

On Monday (organizing day)

We started working on the activity, the facilitators in charge divided the editors in little groups to better organize ourselves. There were groups of the screenplay, materials and vestry among others.

Also the facilitators in charge had to choose the actors of every single news. Once all the work was clear the only thing left to do was filming.

On Wednesday (filming day)

We arrived to the classroom and everyone already knew what the had to do so we started working.

Each group chose a different place for filming the news, some groups chose the faculty of Education, other the faculty of Philosophy and other the classrooms in our teaching building.


Blog in which we have commented:


The Complexity of Changing Outcomes for Students

We have enjoyed so much doing this activity and we are looking forward to do the next!!

See you next week guys!



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