Hi there! It’s Ester, this week’s Sweet Chilli Pepper’s translator. Here you can read the new concepts that we have learnt during this week:

-Film editing: is a practice that comes after the filmmaking that mainly consists on removing, modifying and assembling the shots of a film; so the film editors usually start working with the raw footage and this process involves using digital technology.

However, we could say that film editing is also an art because it does not only consists on putting toguether the parts of the film, cutting pieces and editing dialogue scenes but also consists on working with the layers of images, pictures, music etc.

-Chroma set: is a technique that can be used in films, videos and still photographys that consists on replacing a portion of an image with a new one. It is usually used to replace a coloured background with a different setting.

-Script: is the the written part of the film where every dialogue and action of the actors of the film is described. The scripts or screenplays can be original works or can be adaptations made from other previous written pieces.

Stage management:is a practice that consists on coordinating, leading and organazing a theatrical production. The person who has this responsability is called stage manager and  is in charge of doing a lot of different tasks, such as controlling the production and coordinating the communication between different people (for example, between the actors and the production management)

-Prompter: is the person who is in charge of cueing actors when they forget their dialogues or when they are not in the right place in the stage. Nowadays, the stage manager has a copy of the script that is called the prompt book, and they are responsible for some of the earlier duties of the promters.



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