Hi guys! I’m Alejandra, and like previos week, I’m the facilitator again. As I told you last week, we had to do a program about news, all them related to complexity theory in schools.

The main idea of this task is that we, as students, could understand how complex is the organization of any kind of situation, in this particular case, making a program in which 8 people, including me were the chiefs and we have to organized the rest of our class in order to do a good program explaining all the news we previously found.

At the beggining the organization was quite difficult because it is very hard to coordinate all members in our class, however I think, finally we did a good organization and all of us work together to get a goal, like if we are in a school.

On Monday, we are going to present the video in our class and the teacher would give us some feedback about our work. We will tell you how was it next week !!



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