Hi everyone. I’m Alejandra and this week I have been the analyst.

As you already know if you have read the other post, we have record the program about all the stories we made up two weeks ago.

As the analyst I’m in charge of make a reflection about all our work. It is important to consider that this taks has been done in order to understand the complexity of any organization, each step we need to follow to develop the show in the best way we can.

Personally, I think this task has been a great experience, working with my classmates and having fun. I really reckon that with this activity all my class have understood how complex could be working in a school.

It is essential that everyone who sees the video in the artefacts (next monday) understands that this is only a part, a very small part of all the work behind. This activity is also important for us due to, unlike previous ones in which we cooperate, we colaborate. The differences is that there is no role settled, they have been created during the task and even those who does not appear in the video are an essential part of the task.

I believe this way of working has made us grow us better people and understand how hard are organization and collaboration in any kind of context (specially school) and this could be very useful for us in our future and society.




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