Task 9: Leadership styles

Hi there! It’s Ester, this week’s Sweet Chilli Pepper’s journalist.

This time we have been working on a task related to four basic leadership styles that exist.First of all, we had to read a document in which the styles were explained and we had to choose the one that we thought that it was the most appropriate because on Wednesday, our star had to assume the role of a candidate to the direction of a centre (an invented one) and give a speech about his proposals for that centre, adhering to the principles and the characteristics of the style of leadership that we had previously chosen.

On Monday, we all did the reading of the document together in order to know what types of leadership exist and then we had a little discussion for making the choice of the style and finally, we decided to go for the participative style.

The next day we agreed to eat all together at the cafeteria of the university so in that way we could go working right after. During the meal we talked about many different things such as the plans that we had for the weekend and our last purchases but we also made the most of the situation by discussing some points of our task.

After that, we went to a cubicle located on the faculty of Philosophy where we started working. Since we had already chosen our style of leadership, we began by revising some of the characteristics of the participative style in order to prepare guide notes for our candidate.

In addition to this, we decided to brainstorm to get ideas for making our campaign more enjoyable, and we ended up with five little projects in our minds:   one banner, little flags, pins, candies and flyers (we made sixty of each one of these last three for all the people in our class). Besides that, we also decided to make a profile for our candidate in Fakebook, which is an idea that our teacher Linda gave us in the Monday session (if you want to see the profile go to artefacts).

As not all of the members of our group could stay during the entire afternoon and we had not all of the materials that we needed there, we decided to distribute the projects among us so at the end each one had one little project for doing on his own at his home, with the exception of two of us who could stay a bit more, so they both did the one project (the banner) together. So for the rest of the day we did our little works at home and then we took a picture of them and sent it to our WhatsApp group so we could all see the final result.

Finally, on Wednesday, right at the beginning some of us started to distribute the pins, the candies and the flyers to the people and after that, our candidate Alejandra presented to the class our proposals.


Here you can see the comments that I have put in a blog that I have found related to this topic and another in a blog from our classmates, the prickles.

Comment for the prickles (https://theprickles.blogspot.com.es/) :

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Comment for a blog from outside (https://toteachtolead.wordpress.com/2015/11/17/leadership-style/) :

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