Task 9: Leadership styles

Speech of our candidate:

Hi, my name is Alejandra I’m 36 years old and I’m graduated in Primary education at Harvard and I have a doctorate in pedagogy at the University of Oxford.

I’m standing to be the new headmaster of the school St Patrick because I have been working there for the last five years and I have observed that there are a lot of things that can be improved.

St Patrick it is located in a slum on the outskirts of the city. It is known for having a high ethnic diversity, which could be very positive but due to the bad management of this school has taken it to a huge division of the ethnic groups preventing to establish relationships between them. All that has caused a bad environment inside the classroom and many conflicts among the students.

Our proposal to avoid this stratification between ethnic groups would be the following one:

Create a series of extracurricular activities that allow interaction between everyone to realize that they share more similarities than differences. For example, activities related to sports in which students have to learn to create teams and learn to coordinate, also that they can socialize in the locker room, breaks etc.

Moreover, we want promote group work being the components randomly selected by the teacher to avoid the same groups as usual.

Another problem that has resulted from this situation is absenteeism as we have observed that there are students who despite wanting to learn they do not tolerate confrontational classroom environment.

What we propose is to create an attractive environment for students by conducting educational projects in each of the subjects that are entertaining and thus to help motivation and enthusiasm for learning and attending to the school by students.

Moreover, not only we want to limit ourselves to solve problems but we want to bring new ideas and changes to renew this school.

For example, we consider it very important the collaboration among employees so we need to promote a friendly atmosphere, companionship and motivation among teachers. We propose that teachers live together once a month in different environments: hostels, mountains, beaches etc.

In addition, because for us it is essential to exchange ideas and to get feedback from our students, we want that at the beginning of each trimester students fulfill a survey in which they will measure their satisfaction with the centre and will be encouraged to make suggestions to improve the school dynamics.

Also, to encourage the participation of the teaching staff in decision-making, weekly meetings will be established where teachers exchange new ideas and suggestions with the management team to resolve conflicts that have been observed and to improve the operation of the centre.

In conclusion, if we all work together, everything can go forward.

Thank you very much.


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