task 9 leadership styles

Hi guys, I’m María and I’ve been the analyst this week.

To begin with, this week we had to prepare a campaign in order to represent a style of leadership. Our star had to get in depth inside the tipe of leadership she was representing.

Firstly, in order to prepare all the details for the presentation we had a meeting and the facilitator, Celia gave us the instructions that we had to follow in order to make our campaign. One of us had to make the pins,another one made flyers, other made a little detail with sweets and lastly some little flags , and all together made the dicours.

As a matter of fact, the best moment preparing the presentation was making some of the details as it bacome funny.

On the other hand, the worse thing was the time we spent preparing a good dicourse as we did’t want it to be too short, so we had to imply our imagination and remembered some real cases in order to have an orientation.

By doing this activity not only we learned the different types of leadership but also that trying to agree with all the group in order to choose the best option in order to represent it in class is quite difficult as we all think in a different way.

In addiction, although at the begining there wasn’t an agreement with the type of leadership we would choose, finally we decided to make it democraticly by voting, which made us easier to decide, so I think that is a good way of deciding we should maintain for the next activity and in general for all the future group decitions we will have to make along our lives.

In contrast, dividing the work of doing the gift details for the capaign was too much work for one perso, so we should have made less details and divide more the work to do.

To conclude, due to the fact that we as teachers will have to adopt the leader role in many situations, we have to know the different facts that diferenciate one from others and choose the more suitable one depending on the situation, context, etc…





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