Task 9: Leaderships styles

Hello guys! I am Celia and I am the facilitator of this week´s activity called leadership styles. If you want to know what we have done this week, keep reading!

On Monday the professor explained us the activity to the whole class, specifying some characteristic that out work had to have. She told us that our work consisted of choosing one of the four leadership styles (Authoritarian, Participative, Transactional and Transformational) that she uploaded to the virtual classroom, after that we had to create a speech about a school with some issues and we had to provide solutions to those problems (you can see our speech in Artefacts). The main goal of this activity was to give clues to our classmates about what kind of leadership style we had chosen and they had to guessed it once the speech was over.

On the half group session we all decided what kind of leadership style we wanted to be, we chose Participative because we thought it was the most appropriate to our personality. Then we organized what we had to do for Tuesday.

On Tuesday we all met after classes at one of the cabins of Luis Vives and we started working on the activity. Ester wrote the speech and we all gave her ideas to include on the speech, she also did the brochures. María made the pennants with our logo and our motto, Luisa made the sweets on the stick, Alejandra made the pins with our logo, Noemi made the poster also with our logo and our motto and I translated the speech from Spanish to English. (If you want to see the final results you can click on the journalist post).

On Wednesday we presented our work to the whole class. Alejandra was the star of the group therefore she had to present our speech, while Alejandra was talking María handed out the pins, Luisa did the same with the sweets and Ester also did the same with the brochures. Meanwhile Noemi and I were showing the poster and the pennants.

Also, while the other groups were presenting their works we had to write down what their characteristics of their school and we had to guessed what kind of leadership styles were they.

As I said before our leadership style was mostly participative but the professor and some classmates said that our speech had also a pinch of transactional, in real life is very difficult that a speech or a leader have only one kind of leadership style, the majority of them are a mix of different leaderships styles, like our.

Hope you enjoyed this post!!

See you next week! xx



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