Hi guys! I’m Alejandra and this week I’ve been the journalist.

The first day, on Monday, our teacher Linda explained the task. This task which is the last one are quite similar to the first one we did. Our facilitator, Luisa organized the task after the explaination in order to in the practice hour we could do at least a draf for doing the activity.

On Tuesday, we met to finish the task. We started to look for connections between the texts. At the beginning, we though it was a easy task, and it was, but looking for the connections has been quite hard. When we have already done the links, we started to create the poster. We wasted lots of time trying to choose the kind of mind map we should use, finally we decided to do a diagram and personally, I think it was so cute!



On Wednesday, presentation’s day, our Stars, Celia & Noemi, did a great job, and I think they really have a good time. Our teacher, Linda, gave us some feedback to improve our task and it can help us to improve much more in order to do the real final task, the exams, both in group and individual!!!


Hope you enjoy this task and give us luck to pass the subject !



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