Task 10

Hi my name is MLuisa and this week I am the facilitator of sweet chilli pepper.
This week is our last week in our class of organitation.
First of all I want to say thank you to my groupmates for all their job and for be the best mates I’ve never had.
This week we have to do a poster, how Linda says “we have to finish at the same way that we started”, this topic was a bit difficult because we didn’t understant very well the Bolivar’s article but we finally understood it.
We made a diagram with the mains characteristics of the four articles and then we relationed the first couple of articles with the second ones.
Finally, our stars, Celia and Noemi, present our task in a speed dating. It was very well but we have some mistakes.
I think that we finally meet very well each other and we work very good toguether. My mates are very special, each one have a essencial role in our group and that makes easier the work toguether. We have a very good understanding and confidence between us, and that make not only a group but a friendship too.
Goodbye sweetties, It was a pleasure to write this blog with my friends, we hope that the people like it because for us means a lot!



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