Task 10

Hi there! It’s Ester, this week’s Sweet Chilli Pepper analyst.

Unbelievably this is our last task in our course of School Organization and Educational Resources, and I said unbelievable because it seemed that this day was never going to arrive, but it did. As this is the last analyse in our blog  I’m going to try to do this last one as better as possible, and I’m not only going to talk about this task but also about a general overview of our progress as a team during this course.

In this task, we all experienced a “déjà vu” because the format of the artefact and of the presentation (speed learning) was the same as the format of our first task in this course (see the TPACK task). From my point of view, we found quite easy to organize everything, it was as if we knew all of the steps that we had to follow, not only because of the TPACK task, but also because of all the experience that we have gained thanks of all of the previous tasks.

Apart from the organization, I also think that the presentation day was so much easier for our stars, because they knew how it was going to be and we all have much more experience with the presentations after doing so many of them during the course.

However, obviously there is always a hard part and this time it has been the part in which we had to find the relationship between the concepts from the four documents. In my opinion, the problem with this task was that we all had different interpretations about the papers that we had previously read, and we had to spend a lot of time for agreeing. So for instance, if someone though that there was a good relationship between two different concepts, other didn’t understand it or didn’t think that it was right, and even we got nervous and did not use appropriate words . Furthermore, the day of the presentation our teacher Linda told us that there were two relationships that were missing in our artefact, and it is funny because the day before we had been talking about one of them, but finally we did not put it in because of what I have just said; some of us thought that it was correct and some did not. So maybe the real problem here was that we did not achieve to explain well to the others what we thought which reminds me that in life, and in our future jobs for sure, we are going to find some occasions in which we will have to debate with other mates about anything that we consider that is correct and that they don’t, and I really consider that it is important to know how to debate when you think that you are right and that the other person is not. From my point of view this is also related to the assertiveness because at that times, it is essential to expose your raisons but doing it well and without imposing your opinion, because at the end, this is what it is, just an opinion.

On the other hand, and referring to the topics that we have been working on during this week, there are two things that are very clear for me now:

Firstly, that it is essential the coordination between workers in order to do a good job, but especially between teachers. And secondly, that the relationship between the students or the teacher is a very important factor in the education that the students  receive. Nowadays everybody has heard about the connection between bad environment and bad academic performance in some schools, or for instance, about children that obtain bad marks because they are being mistreated by their classmates.

To sum up, I think that during this course we have learnt a lot of things: from how to use a web 2.0 tool to how to work efficiently by groups, starting with a large amount of nerves and mistakes and ending with quite a lot of confidence in ourselves and organizing us quite well.

Anyway, and regarding to my general analysis of this course, I think that we also have learnt (not only with this subject but also during our life so far) that making mistakes and having difficulties can also help us to learn from them and that humans need to make those mistakes in order to improve themselves. So we should always look on the bright side and not only focus on the things that we have done wrong, but also on the things that we did well and learn from the negative ones, because it doesn’t matter how hard we try, we always are going to make mistakes in our works, and in our life in general.


task 9 leadership styles

Hi guys, I’m María and I’ve been the analyst this week.

To begin with, this week we had to prepare a campaign in order to represent a style of leadership. Our star had to get in depth inside the tipe of leadership she was representing.

Firstly, in order to prepare all the details for the presentation we had a meeting and the facilitator, Celia gave us the instructions that we had to follow in order to make our campaign. One of us had to make the pins,another one made flyers, other made a little detail with sweets and lastly some little flags , and all together made the dicours.

As a matter of fact, the best moment preparing the presentation was making some of the details as it bacome funny.

On the other hand, the worse thing was the time we spent preparing a good dicourse as we did’t want it to be too short, so we had to imply our imagination and remembered some real cases in order to have an orientation.

By doing this activity not only we learned the different types of leadership but also that trying to agree with all the group in order to choose the best option in order to represent it in class is quite difficult as we all think in a different way.

In addiction, although at the begining there wasn’t an agreement with the type of leadership we would choose, finally we decided to make it democraticly by voting, which made us easier to decide, so I think that is a good way of deciding we should maintain for the next activity and in general for all the future group decitions we will have to make along our lives.

In contrast, dividing the work of doing the gift details for the capaign was too much work for one perso, so we should have made less details and divide more the work to do.

To conclude, due to the fact that we as teachers will have to adopt the leader role in many situations, we have to know the different facts that diferenciate one from others and choose the more suitable one depending on the situation, context, etc…




Hi everyone. I’m Alejandra and this week I have been the analyst.

As you already know if you have read the other post, we have record the program about all the stories we made up two weeks ago.

As the analyst I’m in charge of make a reflection about all our work. It is important to consider that this taks has been done in order to understand the complexity of any organization, each step we need to follow to develop the show in the best way we can.

Personally, I think this task has been a great experience, working with my classmates and having fun. I really reckon that with this activity all my class have understood how complex could be working in a school.

It is essential that everyone who sees the video in the artefacts (next monday) understands that this is only a part, a very small part of all the work behind. This activity is also important for us due to, unlike previous ones in which we cooperate, we colaborate. The differences is that there is no role settled, they have been created during the task and even those who does not appear in the video are an essential part of the task.

I believe this way of working has made us grow us better people and understand how hard are organization and collaboration in any kind of context (specially school) and this could be very useful for us in our future and society.



Hi guys! I´m Noemí Pacetti and this week I´ve played the role of analyst in this wonderful group, here you are my reflection about this week´s activity.

First, I have to say that I don´t really fancy being the analyst because I think that it is very complex role and also I have to grade the other members of the group but, anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

It could be said that this week´s activity is based on the previous one. Last week, we explored about the complexity theory regarding schools and we had to search some good current news in relation to that. After that, our teacher Linda told us on what we would work this week. The aim of the activity was doing a 20 minutes maximum TV show video choosing some of the news we had collected. For that, the whole class was divided into two big groups: writers or editors and actors. Also, our teacher said to us that apart from that, each individual group had to do kind of a newspaper with the news we had choose previously.

The big group of the editors, where I include myself, had three days to organise the work to do. We made smalls groups so, we could work better and in each group there was a main editor that explained us the news on what we had to work. Last Wednesday we recorded it and soon we will show it to you.

The best part of the activity, in my opinion, it was to work along with my classmates because it was a new working methodology, I got to know better my mates and I really enjoyed it.

On the contrary, the worse part, maybe, it was the beginning, when we had to organise the work but nothing we couldn´t solve.

Without a doubt the best moment of this activity was when we had to record the news. It was too funny to see the actors playing their role and honestly, we have some excellent bloopers. There wasn´t any bad moment, all of us enjoyed it.

Moreover, this activity at first seems too simple but there it isn´t, we have learnt a lot of things in doing it. It is necessary to have a deep look at what we made: we took decisions putting in common our ideas, we worked with enthusiasm and in a cooperative way, everyone did our best. I consider this factors very important not only as students to success in this subject but, for applying them in our entire life so, definitely we should conserve them.

I think that, the content of the activity it is very related to our future job as teachers due to we should be aware of the complexity of a school and we will have to use ICT´s usually too in our teaching performance.

To sum up, I´d like to say that I have really enjoyed to do this activity because it has been a different one, we had to work all together and we got it! Because of the class was divided into smalls groups I couldn´t analysed the work of my usual teammates but I´m sure the think the same as me and I know they worked nicely. Personally, I want to thank the group of main editors that have edited the video and have put a lot of effort on it. I can´t wait you to see it, you´re going to freak out!


Task 6:Relationships in a Complex Context. Analyst

Hello guys! I am Celia and I am the analyst of this week. In this post my job is to do a reflection about our work and also I have to grade my classmates about the implication in the work and about their own work. Let´s start!

The work of this week was to explore what complexity means and how this affects the relationships at school, for doing that the teacher facilitated us two chapters from a book called “Teaching and learning in the digital age”. In the first chapter we had to find an example related to this topic in the news and then we had to explain the relationship between them and in the other chapter of the book we had to make up five types of relationships at schools.

On Monday as usually we decided the roles of this week and we read the two chapters altogether, but it is on Tuesday when we did the hard work, we met after classes and we started working on the task by groups of three people to be more effective but always helping each other.

Finally Wednesday came and the two stars of our group that were Alejandra (editor of a news paper) and Ester (theatre director) had to present our work or at least that´s what we thought but instead of that the teacher explained us that it would be a modification of the task that the next analyst will explain in her post.

Due to this task we have add more information to our knowledge about education, that is because we have had to look for information in Internet and we have read a lot of news about education. For example, we now know that private schools students obtain better results at taking test than public schools that could be because private schools have better resources and tools than public schools.That is due to Spain it is going through a crisis and sometimes it does not have enough money to provide that kind of things.

Another important aspect that we have learned it is the important role that the teacher does, in schools a lot of relationships can occur and the student-teacher relationship is one of them. The connection between the teacher and the student is a significant component in the teaching and learning process that is why Spain needs trained teachers and passionate for their work due to the education of the children depends on them. That is why Spain needs to motivate teachers to be the best version of themselves.

I want to conclude this post by saying that we need to be ready as future teachers for whatever is coming and we need to try to be as good as possible in our work due to a lot of responsibility lies on us and maybe with all this we can make schools less complex.

task 5: summarizing the course

Hi! I am Mª Luisa and this week I have been the analyst. Being analyst for me is quite hard because you have to grade your colleagues which are an uncomfortable job because of the big responsibility, but someone has to do it, this week it was me unfortunately. But if we realize, all of us are going to be analysts when we become teachers because we will be grading our students so it is an important task that we have to do.
Now I am going to explain how we have felt and how we have worked this week.
The best part has been creating the video. It has been great because we came out with very good ideas to represent what we had learnt during these weeks. It was a difficult job because we had learnt so much in little time so we did not exactly know what to do to represent everything but we finally did it and we did a great job!

The worst part of the activity was discovering the programme, because at the beginning we did not know very well how it worked so we took some precious time to learn how to use it but once we got it everything was good.

I think the best moment of the week was when all of us met in philosophy and we tried to work together and how we understand each other

The worst moment of this week has been the time. We had lots of things to do but we managed to have enough time to do everything even though we were very tired and exhausted while doing it. And we felt stress and overwhelmed.

We have learnt how to create a story of what we have learnt which I think is very important because  after working on this video we are going to remember better what we have learnt. Making up stories is very good for remembering things. We have also learnt how to use powtoon and we will be using it in the future because it is an original way of representing things such as mini stories like this one.

We need to conserve the way we are organising our tasks and roles and the that we work together  because even though we get very stressed we usually end up with a good job, with a positive work.

I think we have to learn how to focus on the task better, because sometimes we are tired and we do not pay attention to what we have to do.

Well, I think it is the first time we have done something like this during the course, we have not used powtoon  in any other subject but I think we can more or less relate it to English, because we had to create a fairy tale with an important moral message so this could be related with the story we have made with powtoon, specially the part of the dark side of books, because there is an important message in it.

I don´t think that this task has a relation with politics or something like that. Powtoon is just an animation programme, but the content we introduced in it could be related, for example in education politicians are constantly changing the laws and making it more difficult for students. Selling books has also become a big industry.

Task 4: Reflection for this week

Hi everyone! I’m Alejandra and this week I have been the analyst. First of all I’d like to say that this task have been quite interesting for me and I hope that for you too.

As you already know the analyst is in charge of telling you how our work have done this week and in which aspect we have improved or not.

To begin with, I reckon that as time goes by, we have improved a lot as a group, I mean, at the beginning, we worked well together but now, we are improving ourselves in a great way. This task has made things easier too, ‘the dark side of textbooks’ is a good issue to talk to and for us, as future teachers, is important to consider the good and the bad part of all our resources, even textbooks.

In our task what we have to do is to figure out the drawbacks of textbooks and create something to spread it. We decided to make a comic in order to show these disadvantages in a funny way.

Probably most of you think textbooks are an essencial tool in classroom and in every learning way, however, that’s not true. I agree that textbooks have been very important some time ago, but nowadays we can enjoy all this technological resources to improve education, not only here, in Spain, but in the whole world.

Everything in life has its flaws, nevertheless, some flaws are worst than others. It is true that books are too heavy for children, but from my point of view, I can’t stand that a textbook was so pricey. Education is not a privilege, is a right. Nowadays, there are a lot of parents who can’t pay all those textbook for the children, they have to borrow them but, suddenly, editorials change the books, forcing families to buy them.

To sum up, I think we can use different types of resources to improve the knowledge that teachers give to their pupils, and I think, as a future teache, that it is very important. ICT’s are quite good, not only for saving money, which do not hurt either, but there is a lot of information in the Net and a lot of ways of learning that children could use and, in that way, they would improve their future and eventually, the society.


Task 3: Creative Common licences reviewed

Hi, I’m María and I’m going to be the analyst.

As we have repeated last week task, I’m going to analyze in which points have we improved and in which haven’t.

After the last week presentation, we were concerned about the week points in our work after being critical with our own work and reading each critic about us,so we tried to improve and give the best of us in the next presentation made on Monday.

To begin with, as one of our mistakes was that we used a lot of images and all of them without any references, we used, for the second presentation, less images and more specific ones and we put every reference on the footnote of each image.

Secondly, the use of space was other of our mistakes as our two stars didn’t made the most of it. In the second presentation, the use of space wasn’t a problem because they used the available space and they tried to do it in a proper way.

On the other hand, the presentation of the game was not well explained in the first presentation so we made it more interactive painting some boxes of different colors pretending them to be containers. It also made people to participate playing with the two stars.

To sum up, after listening every constructive critic made by the teacher and our partners, we realized that we had many week points to improve, that made us realize that perfection doesn’t exist and always is possible to make it better.

Task 3: Creative Commons Licence & Visual presentations

Hello there! It’s Ester, this week’s Sweet Chilli Pepper analyst, so today my purpose is to assess and analyze the work of my group during this week.

This third task was divided in two different parts and in which one we had to make a visual presentation. On one hand, we had to make a presentation about what is and how to use Creative Common Licence and besides that, we had to explain on that presentation different tips for doing a good visual presentation. On the other hand, we had to choose a topic related to something that is taught in Primary School and then make a slideshow about it.

First of all, I have to say that we are not happy at all with the results of the work that we had done this week. Although we have already done other two different task before this one, I have to say that we still have to gain more experience about working together and organising us in a way that allows us taking advantage of our strong points.

Having said that, I’m going to expose what was the most difficult part for us of this task from my point of view, and why.

Unlike with the other tasks, in this one the most challenging part came at the beginning, when we had to decide what Primary lesson we were going to choose, because we had very few ideas, any of them wasn’t very creative, and each person preferred a different one from the others. My humble opinion about this, it’s that we are not used to have so much freedom at the time of choosing and making decisions of this importance. I really think that our problem comes from lots of years having teachers that have told us what we exactly had to do and we just did it as it was supposed to be, without making questions or thinking about other ways to do it. On the other hand, we also had to deal with the problem that supposes having to agree with other six people that think in a different way, and that have different tastes from each other.

On the contrary, the best part of this activity started when we finally made all the decisions because we managed to organise efficiently ourselves so that we didn’t waste more time.

Nevertheless, I think we have to start thinking more as teachers because nowadays almost every job requires being able to work by groups without killing each other. From my point of view, we don’t have to forget that working with other groups always means having discrepancies with the other people but that if we know how to get over them, we can do a much better work rather than if we do it individually, because every single person can contribute with an idea that maybe would have never come to your mind.

Regarding to the projects that we had been developing, I must say that they have opened our eyes in some different aspects.

On one hand, I think that with the activity related to the Creative Commons Licence and the visual presentations we have obtained a lot of useful information which we did not have a clue about it before doing this task. I say that it is useful because nowadays the educational system fosters increasingly the use of technological tools, therefore a teacher should know how to deal with all this kind of resources. With them they can teach to the students in a more dynamic way and also, by using them, they can make children more familiar with the use of technological resources which they are going to have to use in their future.

On the other hand, the “topic activity” has reminded me that having a good presentation it is essential if a person wants to be a good teacher. Nowadays we are tired of hearing children, and also adults, saying that they get bored in the lessons or that all the teachers are a drag. However, society is changing and the education is applying more and more educational models, such as TPACK (as we learnt in the first task) that allow to teach to the students something in different ways, integrating the technologies and also different methodologies; so in my opinion, there is not any raison now for giving a boring speech to the children and being worried about if they are going to get sleepy at the same time.

I hope that you have enjoyed this analysis, we’ll see soon in the next one!