Task 10

Hi my name is MLuisa and this week I am the facilitator of sweet chilli pepper.
This week is our last week in our class of organitation.
First of all I want to say thank you to my groupmates for all their job and for be the best mates I’ve never had.
This week we have to do a poster, how Linda says “we have to finish at the same way that we started”, this topic was a bit difficult because we didn’t understant very well the Bolivar’s article but we finally understood it.
We made a diagram with the mains characteristics of the four articles and then we relationed the first couple of articles with the second ones.
Finally, our stars, Celia and Noemi, present our task in a speed dating. It was very well but we have some mistakes.
I think that we finally meet very well each other and we work very good toguether. My mates are very special, each one have a essencial role in our group and that makes easier the work toguether. We have a very good understanding and confidence between us, and that make not only a group but a friendship too.
Goodbye sweetties, It was a pleasure to write this blog with my friends, we hope that the people like it because for us means a lot!


Task 9: Leaderships styles

Hello guys! I am Celia and I am the facilitator of this week´s activity called leadership styles. If you want to know what we have done this week, keep reading!

On Monday the professor explained us the activity to the whole class, specifying some characteristic that out work had to have. She told us that our work consisted of choosing one of the four leadership styles (Authoritarian, Participative, Transactional and Transformational) that she uploaded to the virtual classroom, after that we had to create a speech about a school with some issues and we had to provide solutions to those problems (you can see our speech in Artefacts). The main goal of this activity was to give clues to our classmates about what kind of leadership style we had chosen and they had to guessed it once the speech was over.

On the half group session we all decided what kind of leadership style we wanted to be, we chose Participative because we thought it was the most appropriate to our personality. Then we organized what we had to do for Tuesday.

On Tuesday we all met after classes at one of the cabins of Luis Vives and we started working on the activity. Ester wrote the speech and we all gave her ideas to include on the speech, she also did the brochures. María made the pennants with our logo and our motto, Luisa made the sweets on the stick, Alejandra made the pins with our logo, Noemi made the poster also with our logo and our motto and I translated the speech from Spanish to English. (If you want to see the final results you can click on the journalist post).

On Wednesday we presented our work to the whole class. Alejandra was the star of the group therefore she had to present our speech, while Alejandra was talking María handed out the pins, Luisa did the same with the sweets and Ester also did the same with the brochures. Meanwhile Noemi and I were showing the poster and the pennants.

Also, while the other groups were presenting their works we had to write down what their characteristics of their school and we had to guessed what kind of leadership styles were they.

As I said before our leadership style was mostly participative but the professor and some classmates said that our speech had also a pinch of transactional, in real life is very difficult that a speech or a leader have only one kind of leadership style, the majority of them are a mix of different leaderships styles, like our.

Hope you enjoyed this post!!

See you next week! xx

Task 8

Hi there! It’s Ester, this week Sweet Chilli Pepper’s facilitator.

This week we have been working in a completely new TV show in which I was one of the chiefs, more specifically, a theatre director. The aim of making this video was to represent five different types of relationships that we can observe at schools.

First of all, all the chiefs agreed to meet up so we could discuss the whole planning of the show. I think that this was one of the hardest parts of the activity since we had so many things to do and so little time for it. Anyway, we managed to divide all the work by little groups with the purpose of having a group of people per story for making the script, deciding the wardrobe and the scenery (we had five fictitious stories to represent the five types of relationships) so everything could be finished in time.

We had two classes for organizing everything and just one for recording the show, which we decided to make by doing a mixture of different programmes (real ones) with a comical side. So as you can imagine we had some stressful hours during this week but I think that at the end, everyone had a lot of fun and , the most important thing, learnt a bit more about the relationships at schools.


Hi guys! I’m Alejandra, and like previos week, I’m the facilitator again. As I told you last week, we had to do a program about news, all them related to complexity theory in schools.

The main idea of this task is that we, as students, could understand how complex is the organization of any kind of situation, in this particular case, making a program in which 8 people, including me were the chiefs and we have to organized the rest of our class in order to do a good program explaining all the news we previously found.

At the beggining the organization was quite difficult because it is very hard to coordinate all members in our class, however I think, finally we did a good organization and all of us work together to get a goal, like if we are in a school.

On Monday, we are going to present the video in our class and the teacher would give us some feedback about our work. We will tell you how was it next week !!

TASK 6: Complexity theory

Hi guys! I’m Alejandra and this week I have been the facilitator, and how you already know, I am the boss of the group.

This task was about the complexity theory in schools and how all the parts are related between them. The first thing I did like facilitator was divided the chapters we need to read. The first chapter was read by Noemi, Celia and me and the second one was read by Ester, María and Luisa. After reading the chapters we made a kind of discussion, explaining what we had understood about the task and the theory.

The goal was we needed to look for 6 different news about situations which reflect the main information of the chapter 1 and also, create 5 stories according to the different parts of the chapter 2. I divided us in groups again in order to make the task easily and efficiently.

At the beginning, we though the task was quite easy and it did not take so long. However, we lasted more than we expected, even the task was simple, there were some problem but finally we got to solve!


Task 5: summarizing the course


Hey there! I’m María and I have been the facilitator this week.

After holidays Linda told us the new task for the week that consisted on making a two minutes video summarizing what we have learned since the course has started.

To beging with, during the explanation of the task we were presented three ways of making the video, one was with two presentation softwares called Powtoon an Moovly and there was another option using a methodology called Stopmotion. The video should be punctuated by our partners, which would be the 20% of the mark, the teacher, that would be a 30%, external peaople, that would be a 40% and lastly the amount of likes in youtube would be the 10%.

After looking for the pros and cons of each method, we decided that using Powtoon could be the best way of creating a good video.

First of all, we reorganized every task done and we highligted the most important points of each one.

Secondly, once we had everything clrear, we wrote down a draft with the different parts the video should have. Once the order and the content was organized we started doing the video. Celia was chosen as the voice of the video.

On Wednesday morning, we were going to upload the video to Youtube but some problems appeared so our video couldn’t be seen as well as it should.

During the lesson we saw every group’s video and at the end of the class we had to give a punctuation as in Eurovision.

Finally , we solved the problems we had and uploaded the video to youtube in order ti get as much likes as we could.

Task 4: The dark side of textbooks

Hi there! It’s Ester, the facilitator of Sweet chilli pepper during this week.

This time the topic we worked on was quite interesting for us (we had to explore every negative side of textbooks), as future teachers that we are, and for this reason, I did not have to motivate very much my group to do the task.

The first thing that I decided to do was to distribute all the readings that our teacher recommended to the class in order to familiarize ourselves with the topic. I thought that a good strategy to follow could be to give to each person of my group a reading and afterwards, they could explain to the whole group what the document was about.

Once we did that, I wanted to do a brainstorm in order to find the main ideas that we had to explain and that is the next thing that we did. After that, I told them that we had to choose the format in which we were going to make our artefact, and after a little discussion, we agreed to go for the comic (which you can see in our section of artefacts).

From that point on, everything was easier since the main decisions were already made and we just had to search for a web tool that allowed us to create a comic and make some nice vignettes.

I have to say that I’ve enjoyed this role in view of the fact that I don’t really find difficult to make decisions and to be a leader as long as I feel comfortable with my workmates, which actually is the case. Furthermore, I think that working on something that you find gripping is always going to be easier that doing it with something that get you bored.












How to be the best facilitator

Hello guys! I´m Noemí Pacetti and as you know from my last post I´ve been the facilitator of the group this week.

Last Wednesday we did in class a different activity that consisted in making a 30 seconds tutorial about how to be the excellent facilitator. I worked along with my other classmates who were  playing the role of facilitator and sincerely I really had fun making it so, I hope you enjoy it!

I attach here below the link of our video that is available on youtube:



Task 3: reviewed

Hi guys, I´m Noemi Pacetti and this week I´ve played the role of facilitator in the group so, I had to organise the work and I was the person in charge of control how was going the task.

Last week after finishing the presentations, our teacher Linda gave us some feedback and told the whole class to repeat our expositions the next day, what was on Monday. That´s the reason why this week we aren´t focus in a new task.

After taking the advice of our teacher, we put in common the things we thought we had to change and I suggested to meet on Saturday to review our work and improve it.

On Monday, we did the second round of expositions and the teacher said to us that the work had become better so, an improvement could be seen in it.

Regarding to analyse the aspects that were improved concerning the rest of the groups , I have to say that we did our presentation in the split hour so, I was been able to see only two more groups exposing their work.

In a general view we all improved our work, we tried to be more interactive and to direct our speaking to our audience. Our group, for example, made a game where students were supposed to recycle in boxes of different colours, we made changes in our PowerPoint presentation and we put only indispensable pictures in it.

There were things I really liked from the other two groups. “The loonatics” explained the process of the photosynthesis in a very original way, comparing it with the process of eating of a child.

What I liked the most was the group “The fluffy guardians” because their first PowerPoint presentation I think they put too much text and they changed it. They also improved their performance including sounds in their creative play so, in my opinion it was a great point to get the audience more in the atmosphere.

That´s all, see you soon!!




Task 3: Creative Commons Licence & Visual presentations

Hello there, my name is Celia Riera and I am this week´s facilitator which means that I am the boss of the group and I have to divide and organize the work of every member of my group.

Our topic of this week is Creative Commons Licence, what we had to do was explain what Creative Commons Licence is, then we had to summarize twenty tips for developing an excellent presentation and last but not least we had to choose a topic related to any content on Primary School.

We had a little dilema about what topic to chose because at first we did not know what topic would be interesting and useful to primary school kids but we finally chose the topic about recycling that is mainly focused on the fith and sixth grade of primary education.

After choosing our topic I divided our group members into pairs because I thought it would be more effective in that way, which it was, and after that we put things in common, and we all started working on the presentation.

Finally on Wednesday we did our presentation in class but we will have to repeat it on Monday because the professor said that it was not good enough.

The best group in our opion was Tuttifrutis because their power point was so fun and we think it is an interesanting to explain the diversity to primary school kids.

The “worst” group in our opinion was Fluffy Guardians because even though they explain their topic in a very funny way, people was more focus about what the “bear” was doing than what the girl was explaning.