Hi guys! I’m Alejandra and this week I’ve been the journalist.

The first day, on Monday, our teacher Linda explained the task. This task which is the last one are quite similar to the first one we did. Our facilitator, Luisa organized the task after the explaination in order to in the practice hour we could do at least a draf for doing the activity.

On Tuesday, we met to finish the task. We started to look for connections between the texts. At the beginning, we though it was a easy task, and it was, but looking for the connections has been quite hard. When we have already done the links, we started to create the poster. We wasted lots of time trying to choose the kind of mind map we should use, finally we decided to do a diagram and personally, I think it was so cute!



On Wednesday, presentation’s day, our Stars, Celia & Noemi, did a great job, and I think they really have a good time. Our teacher, Linda, gave us some feedback to improve our task and it can help us to improve much more in order to do the real final task, the exams, both in group and individual!!!


Hope you enjoy this task and give us luck to pass the subject !


Task 9: Leadership styles

Hi there! It’s Ester, this week’s Sweet Chilli Pepper’s journalist.

This time we have been working on a task related to four basic leadership styles that exist.First of all, we had to read a document in which the styles were explained and we had to choose the one that we thought that it was the most appropriate because on Wednesday, our star had to assume the role of a candidate to the direction of a centre (an invented one) and give a speech about his proposals for that centre, adhering to the principles and the characteristics of the style of leadership that we had previously chosen.

On Monday, we all did the reading of the document together in order to know what types of leadership exist and then we had a little discussion for making the choice of the style and finally, we decided to go for the participative style.

The next day we agreed to eat all together at the cafeteria of the university so in that way we could go working right after. During the meal we talked about many different things such as the plans that we had for the weekend and our last purchases but we also made the most of the situation by discussing some points of our task.

After that, we went to a cubicle located on the faculty of Philosophy where we started working. Since we had already chosen our style of leadership, we began by revising some of the characteristics of the participative style in order to prepare guide notes for our candidate.

In addition to this, we decided to brainstorm to get ideas for making our campaign more enjoyable, and we ended up with five little projects in our minds:   one banner, little flags, pins, candies and flyers (we made sixty of each one of these last three for all the people in our class). Besides that, we also decided to make a profile for our candidate in Fakebook, which is an idea that our teacher Linda gave us in the Monday session (if you want to see the profile go to artefacts).

As not all of the members of our group could stay during the entire afternoon and we had not all of the materials that we needed there, we decided to distribute the projects among us so at the end each one had one little project for doing on his own at his home, with the exception of two of us who could stay a bit more, so they both did the one project (the banner) together. So for the rest of the day we did our little works at home and then we took a picture of them and sent it to our WhatsApp group so we could all see the final result.

Finally, on Wednesday, right at the beginning some of us started to distribute the pins, the candies and the flyers to the people and after that, our candidate Alejandra presented to the class our proposals.


Here you can see the comments that I have put in a blog that I have found related to this topic and another in a blog from our classmates, the prickles.

Comment for the prickles (https://theprickles.blogspot.com.es/) :

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Comment for a blog from outside (https://toteachtolead.wordpress.com/2015/11/17/leadership-style/) :

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Hello guys! I´m Noemí Pacetti and this week I´ve played the role of journalist in the group.

On Monday, our teacher Linda told us what this week´s activity was going to be about. We had to do another video based on the news we had previously collected, but now in a more informal way, I mean like it is presented in TV shows. After that, we worked in small groups and we decided the roles of the actors, the materials that were needed and the place we were going to record the scene.

On Wednesday all of us had to record the videos.


I was in a separate group from my usual mates so, here below I left you some photos of my group, and their group too.




I really enjoyed that day, it was a lot of fun! I can´t wait you to see the result!

See you soon!


Task 7: Making a TV show about complexity

Hello everyone! I am Celia and I am the journalist of this week which means that I am the one in charge of telling you the dynamic of the weekly work. Hope you find interesting what we have done this week!!

This week´s activity is about creating a TV show about current education news for that we had to record a video the whole class and we had to choose six news among all the groups. The people in charge of this activity were the stars of last week and the rest of the class were divided in two groups: editors and actors.

On Monday (organizing day)

We started working on the activity, the facilitators in charge divided the editors in little groups to better organize ourselves. There were groups of the screenplay, materials and vestry among others.

Also the facilitators in charge had to choose the actors of every single news. Once all the work was clear the only thing left to do was filming.

On Wednesday (filming day)

We arrived to the classroom and everyone already knew what the had to do so we started working.

Each group chose a different place for filming the news, some groups chose the faculty of Education, other the faculty of Philosophy and other the classrooms in our teaching building.


Blog in which we have commented:


The Complexity of Changing Outcomes for Students

We have enjoyed so much doing this activity and we are looking forward to do the next!!

See you next week guys!

task 6: complexity theory

Hi sweeties! I’m Maria Luisa and this week I’m the journalist of sweet chilli pepper.

The task of this week has been a bit more complicated because we had to search news that was related to the complexity in schools and telling examples of the types of relationships  that are established in schools  (teacher-student connections with peers, etc.) .

Our facilitator of the week, Alejandra, thought that as they were two topics separately,  it would be the best to  divide us  into groups of three and each had to work on it.

On Tuesday we were eating in college and got down to work, each group was working on his part of the task. In the group in which I was, had some problems respects to the examples, as we could not think of how to approach them, as we had some discussion about what would be the best way to do it, but nothing we could not fix.



And it came Wednesday, the day when our stars had to shine  but Linda had a surprise for us …. WOULD NOT HAVE TO DO IT! Instead of that she separated the whole class into two groups, writers and actors, and the leaders have to be  the stars. The team of writers will have to submit a video by a news program  while the actors have to make one of the yellow press.


If you want to know what happens next week, do not stop reading!


Hi guys!! I’m Alejandra and this week I have been the journalist of my group.

Firstly, on Monday, our teacher, Linda, explained to us what we have to do this week. The task is about summarizing all we have learned in this course and make a presentation with it using Moovly, Powtoon or Slow Motion. In the practical hour, we decided how we were going to do the video and which program we would use, finally, we chose Powtoon. Besides, we did a script of the task.

On Tuesday, we met at the university and we started doing the video. At the beginning was quite hard due to we didn’t know how to use the program, but lately, it was easy for us.


On Wednesday, we met before class to upload the video to Youtube, but, suddenly, we had a little problem with the licenses of the program, and we couldn’t upload it. Fortunatly, our teacher gave us the chance to show the video using the program and gave us time to send her the video already upload. We had a terrible time in that moment.

Finally, Noemi, the star of this week, present the video in the class and after showing all the videos we did a kind of contest similar to ‘Eurovision’. Unluckyly, our group was the second-to-last, but that’s not mean we are going to give up, on the contrary, we are more motivated to improve ourselves.

Task 4: The dark side of textbooks

Hi, guys!

I’m María Martínez and this week I have been the journalist of the group.

To begin with, this week’s task was called “The dark side of textbooks; Linda explained us on Monday the work we had to carry out for next Wednesday and we were told that the format of the presentation would be a surprise and actually it was.

As soon as we knew what we had to do we started working on it. We began to work n class where Ester, as our facilitator, told us what we had to do.  Each text Linda sent to us to get informed was distributed and then, we put in common what we had read.


On Tuesday, we decided what artefact we would use in order to present our work. We decided to choose a comic in order to explain “the dark side of textbooks”.

In order to do the comic, first of all, we made a drawing and tried to distribute in a propper way each idea in a picture and then, we decided the electronic tool in order to do a good visual artefact that would help our star Celia to explain the task.IMG_20160315_183655IMG_20160316_112408


On Wednesday, Linda told us the format we would use to work the task in class. Stars were distributed along the class and each one was assigned a number, each member of the group chose a number and went with the star that had the same number,in that way new groups were formed. Once groups were formed the star, who would be the boss of the new group, explained her work about “The dark side of textbooks” and then we had to make a question about the topic which could be used in an oral exam, and finally the star had to present it in front of the class.


Those were the questions each group did:

Captura de pantalla (153)Captura de pantalla (152)

Finally, changing the groups was an oportunity to see how it would be to work with different partners and different ideas for the same task, searching for a good question helped us to develop one important fact in the teaching process which is to select good questions for a specific type of exam, in this case an oral exam.

These are the comments I’ve left in two blogs

The Chalkies:


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Fracasoacademico.wordpress.com:Captura de pantalla (155)


Hope you enjoy it.

Task 3 reviewed

Hi everyone!

It’s Ester, this week Sweet Chilli Pepper’s journalist.

This time I am not going to explain any new task and the reason why this is happening is quite simple:  last Wednesday, in our usual D-day (the oral presentation), the teacher told to the whole group that we hadn’t done our job properly and that the results of it were quite disastrous. So basically, she wanted us to improve our projects and to present them again in our Monday session, giving us in that way one more opportunity to do the things correctly.

The first thing that we did was to analyze everything that we thought we had done badly, which was basically our visual presentation of the primary topic       (“Be environmentally friendly”) and that the explanation was not very dynamic and entertaining. Then, by WhatsApp, we did a brain storming in order to find some improvements for the presentation and finally, we agreed to meet on Saturday to make the changes.

On that day, we changed all of the photos that we put on our first visual presentation since we thought that there were too many of them and some were meaningless and also, we put on them all of the references of the licences which we forgot to do at the first time. Then, some of us wrote key words and phrases in the presentation but always taking care of the text spread.

Afterwards, we went to a store to buy all the materials that we needed to create a game which we invented to make our presentation more fun. To do so, we had to paint four boxes in order to pretend that they were real dumpsters and also we printed some images of different materials so the students had to decide in which dumpster they had to put them in.

Finally, on Monday our stars Alejandra and Luisa did the presentation again and this time, it went much better, not only because we changed our work but also because they followed some tips that the teacher gave us before so they interacted more with the class and at the end, all the effort we put on this task was worth it.



Here you can see our stars explaining our topic for a second time:

First part:


Second part:


And here I leave you two different comments that I made, one in the blog of the Fluffy Guardians and another one in a blog that I found when I was seaching information about how to make a good visual presentation.


Captura de pantalla (64)

Captura de pantalla (67)






Hi guys!! I´m Noemi Pacetti and this week I´ve been playing the role of journalist in my group. I have to say that I didn´t think I would enjoy it so much!

Now, I will explain our working process to carrying out the task of this week, our third one…

As the last weeks, on Monday morning our teacher Linda explained us what we had to do in the third task she uploaded on Sunday night, and after that, she gave us some time to think about the roles and ideas of the new project called: Telling stories-Free Resources and visual presentations.

We had no problems in distributing the roles because since the beginning, we planned a rule by which each week each member of the group knows what role has to be played.

In the split hour, we started thinking about when we could meet to work and how we were going to organise the things to do. We finally agreed to meet on Tuesday.


So, as we have done in the last tasks, on Tuesday we ate something quickly and we booked a working cubicle in the faculty of Philosophy.

First of all, our facilitator Celia, made clear what we were supposed to do in this task and she distributed the work into three different small subgroups as normally.

At first, we found some minor complications in understanding Creative Commons, and then, we took our time deciding the topic of our presentation, but nothing was difficult to solve.

We spent all afternoon working hard in finding information, putting in common ideas and in doing the work as best as possible. As you can see in these photos:

On Wednesday ,our Stars Alejandra y María Luisa made the group´s presentation:


Click on the following link to watch the video of our exposition:

Although we ended up happy with the work, actually our teacher Linda didn´t, so she gave us some feedback and told us to improve the work and repeat our presentations next Monday.

Recently, all the “Sweet Chilli Peppers” have met to give opinions and new ideas to refresh our work, and of course improve it to get to the top! We will have to wait a little bit more to know if we achieve it.

As a journalist I´ve been in charge of social media too. Here is a comment I´ve left in the blog of our mates the “Tuttifrutis”:



I´ve also commented in another useful webpage that I found about Creative Commons:



That´s all for this week, I hope you enjoyed it.

See you all soon!!