TASK 10: Schools that learn

Hi! I´m Noemí Pacetti and this week I´ve played the role of star in the group together with my mate Celia.

On Monday, our teacher Linda explained us what we had to do in that new and last task of the subject. The activity consisted in finding relationships among the texts of Complexity Theory and Connections that we already knew and two other new texts from Mª. T. González and A. Bolívar. She also said to us that the task had to have to stars so Celia played with me the role of second star.

On Wednesday was the presentation day, we all had to present or works in speed learning way so, all of the stars took a place and the groups were rolling to listen to the explanations that should last a maximum of five minutes.

Celia and I at first felt nervous but we did better as each group passed. We ended up in a very composed and natural way-

I think that for the two of us, that was kind of a special activity, it was the last one and we two also presented the first one of the subject, so we felt very happy and more confident. We realized everything we had learned and that time flies.

A big pleasure, see you guys!



Hi guys! This week, I’ve been the star of my group, I’m Alejandra.

In this task, our teacher told us to prepare a electoral campaing that reflects one of the leadership styles we have seen.

My group and I decided to chose Participative Leadership, in which the leader takes in mind the opinion of people to improve any organization.

On wednesday, I did the presentation of the style. At the beginning it was quite nice, but while I was speaking I got more nervious, so in some ocasions I couldn’t speak properly.

We made flags and candies for our classmate like advertising of my candidature. In my opnion it was cute, but maybe we exagerate a little bit with the candies, however everyone ate them!!

At the end of the class, we out in common the styles that everyone had used. One of my classmates thought that our style was Transactional, which means that everybody do something for something, like a ‘quid pro quo’ or something like that. We didn’t have that expression but I think we have learn enough for improving this task.


Hi my name is MLuisa and this week my role was to be the star.

Well this week we needed to do a video wirh all the class about the connections in the school, so I don’t have a principal role this week but I was an extra in one of the news. It was very funny and we had a really good time together.

Task 7

Hi guys! I’m María and this week I’ve been the star of my group.

Due to the fact that the activity of creating a news programme was for the whole group, stars didn’t have the same work as past weeks.

Firstly,the class was divided into editors, who had to write the script of the programme, and actors, who should represent what the editors create. Inside the editor’s group small groups were created in order to divide the news the programme had to have.

Secondly, the facilitator of my group chose me as camera operator of the presenters of the news programme.

The day of the recording, the different devices were distributed among the people helping. I was in charge of recording with the camera in a different classroom which was more suitable for doing this task.

Task 6: Relationships in a Complex Context

Hi there!

We are Alejandra and Ester, this week’s Sweet Chilli Pepper’s stars.

This time we have to say that we were a bit scared about our “D day” because the only thing that we knew as stars when the presentation day arrived was that the star 1 (Alejandra) was in charge of the real news that our group found  and the star 2 (Ester) was  responsible for the fictitious stories that we invented. Besides that, we knew that each star would have to perform a role: the star 1 would be an editor of a newspaper and the second one would be a theatre director.

When we came into the class our teacher Linda asked all the stars for standing up and then classified us into two groups: the editors and the directors. From then, she explained us that we were going to start doing an special project, not only for this week but also for the next two ones.

Basically, the task consists  on making two different types of TV shows (one is something similar to a news programme and the other one will be less serious). A part of the class is going to work on the news programme under the leadership of the stars that have the role of editors and the other part will work on the other programme under the leadership of the theatre directors; anyway, both parts will also help between each other to make possible the project. Moreover, we have already started working on the task, making the planning of the parts of the project.

Finally, as stars that we have been this week, we have to say that we didn’t expect how this task have been developing at all. On one hand, we think that it is going to be a bit complicated to be in charge of so many things, because what we have experienced so far, is that making a project like this one requires a lot of effort and coordination, not only between us, the chiefs, but also between chiefs and “subordinates”. But on the other hand, we believe that this is an activity where as well as learning a lot of things, we are going to have a lot of fun!

Task 5: Summarizing the course

Hello guys!! I´m Noemí Pacetti and this week I´ve played the role of star in the group.

This week´s activity consisted of making a video in which we had to explain what we have learned during the course. The video should last two minutes at the maximum so summarize the concepts was essential.

On Wednesday, when we had to present our work, I made a brief introduction of our video and I just played it on Powtoon, which is the website we have used to make it. As the star I´ve got a simple role this week.

If you haven´t seen our video yet I invite you to have a look at it. Personally I think it´s pretty good. You can find it on youtube. Here below I post it.

I hope you enjoy it.


See you!!

Task 4: The Dark side of Textbooks

Hello there, my name is Celia and I am the star of this week´s activity! In this post I will explain what we did to explain the dark side of textbooks and also what I had to do on the day of the presentation.

The activity of this week consisted of making a comic, an info-graphic or a Twitter timeline explaining the dark side of textbooks. In our case we chose a comic (that you can see in the artefacts of task 4) explaining the main six drawbacks that textbooks have. Once we finished our comic I had to study it a bit at home due to I had the presentation the next day and I wanted to give a really good explanation of our work to our classmates.

The day of the presentation the profesor told all the students except the stars of each group to choose a number between one and eight, depending the number they had chosen they were in one group or in another. I was the group number eight and all the people who chose the number eight had to come with me. Once all the groups were formed I explained to my group our comic and they had to tell me what they would have changed about it. They told that they would not change anything about the comic because it included all the important aspects of the dark side of textbooks, so that is great because they thought that we did well our work!. Finally we had to make up a question that in our opinion would be appropriate to ask in the oral exam about the dark side of textbooks. Our question was: “Why do you think this topic is important for your learning as future teacher? ”

In my opinion, although it is a little bit stressful being the star due to you represent all your group members and the work we have done, I have loved being the star of this week´s activity because I think this topic is very interesting and important to know for you as  future teacher, and also the comic was so much fun to do!

If you want to know how my other colleagues did their work, you can click in the different roles above you and go check them out!!

See you soon!!

how to be the best star:

Last wednesday our teacher Linda made  role groups, each group need to do a video that explain how to be the best”role”. Because the last week i was the star of my group, here i put the link for how to be the best star.

URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aapFR1xx-Sg&feature=youtu.be

Task 3: Stars reviewed

Hi dear bloggers, we are Luisa and Alejandra and we are the stars of our group this week.

Firstly, I want you to know that this presentation is about recycling, the same topic that last week. This time we had four days to improve our presentation and solve some mistakes we had in the other presentation.

This week we need to present our task in 4 minutes, we believe that we had enough time. We want to find a fun way to teach children about recycling, give them some advice and knowledge related to the environment.

We met on Saturday to practice our oral presentation with the new power point and improve our behaviour in front of our class and how to interact with them.

Finally, on Monday it was our moment to shine for the second time. This time our teacher didn’t tell us what was wrong in our presentation, but we had a little reflection about our presentation and what we thought about the other presentation.

Task 3: Creative Commons Licence & Visual presentations

Hi everyone, we are Alejandra and Luisa, and this week we have been the stars.

First of all, we want to tell you that this activity has been a little bit hard for us. A presentention in front of a class make you feel very nervous and sometimes this can play a dirty trick on it.

This week’s presentation should last 4 minutes, we think we did it on time but it is difficult to summarize a topic in only four minutes to explain it. The topic we chose was recycling which we think is something children need to know for a better future.

Regarding to the preparation, we have been preparing our presentation in the last two days in order to do a good presentation and make that our class have a good experience of it.

However, things do not always happen as we want. The feedback that our professor has given to us was worst than we thought but this doesn’t mean something bad, on the contrary, it is a way to make us working better as a group and to improve ourself in the best way we can.

Our professor told us to repeat this presentation to correct our mistakes and do it better, so we will tell you how it will be.

Thanks for reading!